1. The problem I see is that anyone wanting to download the data needs to install the software first.

  2. I thought github had raw urls, even for large objects.

  3. I hope he loses and has to pay legal costs. If you are such a show pony that you've got to disrupt a game like this, you should accept this could happen

  4. Yeah, filing the report is just a second layer play for attention to whatever his cause was.

  5. Academic award winners. The Turing Award in computer science, and the Fields Medal in math, for example.

  6. Isn't there a dead short between L1 and L2?

  7. It’s actually a code violation as well. You need a screw with 32 threads per inch for devices. Can be 7-32, 8-32, even 10-32. Code 406.5.

  8. They're posted to this sub about once a month. Here's another recent one:

  9. Airbnb condo in Asia. Code is probably “anything goes”

  10. Lots of countries (in Asia and South America) provide hot water with configurations like this. It's nothing novel -- it's just that American electricians are unfamiliar with it.

  11. Why are you assuming anyone in this thread is talking about the sound of pedals when they're turned off?

  12. I'm not making any assumptions. I'm trying to learn how these pedals work, because I have a similar question to the OP.

  13. True bypass means the signal goes straight from the input to the output.

  14. Interesting. The Sansamp manual seems pretty clear that's not the case, and that the preamp is still active.

  15. Man I love Milwaukee and have thousands of dollars of their equipment in my garage but I can’t get on board with these clunky, ugly wall mounting solutions. There’s far better 3rd party options out there. I’m sure the Milwaukee DV squad will come at me lol.

  16. Why is this a TIL, don’t they teach this in school in grade 5/6?

  17. The weight never changes, so i guess they still didn't learn it.

  18. What are people using these for? There are so many sitting in closets or drawers with half-completed tutorials ...

  19. .... Like he's a hypocrite for saying it's bad to eat metal and oil, when eats mountain dew and cheetos?

  20. SammySquareNuts is the type of redditor to call someone else a hypochondriac while

  21. No one does physics in Imperial in the first place. You lost? This isn't a hard-science sub, and if it was, these threads would never come up any more.

  22. Except that imperial-unit physics textbooks are readily available.

  23. Not at any level that matters to this sub-reddit, or your prior usage of "do physics". You don't get to claim to be a physicist based of off Alternative Christian Education homeschooling.

  24. Pulsing the common leg would work as well, but I normally keep the legs tied to ground unless you had a transistor driver on the common legs, then, you can pulse the input to the transistor.

  25. Pulsing the leg or the enable pin will change the brightness of all the LEDs, and that won't be useful for making a high-fidelity replication of the KITT lights.

  26. I am a sneaky puppy and I would use a pair of LM3914's, I got them for like 10 for $2 a while back on eBay. What you want to do is put a cap on the analog input, and drive that with a resistor from V+ so you have an RC that ramps up from the first to the last. Now in my last thing I just wanted it to reset so I used an opto triac on the last output so that shorted the cap out, and back to zero fast. In your case you wanna put an R on that so it discharges at some rate, the trick is going to be balancing the the two, but I suspect you can get it with some tweaking. You also have your pick or moving bar or moving dot, and you can stack on more stages.

  27. I never went deeper than my muffler, but most of this was brackish water so I ran it through a freshwater lake afterwards to clean it (whole neighborhood was flooded with fresh water, see pic

  28. Your wake caused evenmore damage to people who were suffering already. Fuck you, and you should feel bad.

  29. The blocks appear to be aft of midships to me. Don't be fooled by the wide-angle shot and the effect it has on the perspective. Also, the blocks appear to be in line with aft-most bilge keels, which are certainly aft of midships:

  30. Sorry, my eyesight isn't that great and I really see pretty much nothing under the ship except the back end of the dumpster and the screws.

  31. It's literally just sat on the blocks, on the flat part of the bottom of the hull. It doesn't need to be 'secured'. It's not going to blow away or tip over.

  32. Obviously, my concern isn't it blowing over. Thanks for trying to answer, anyhow.

  33. It's not a filter, but it's coming from your electric service and panel before any devices or equipment that you put on there can mess with it.

  34. Yeah, it's common to see this in $1-2 Million dollar accounts per month.

  35. Right, accounts with big spends spend big on data egress. That's the OP's whole point, isn't it?

  36. We need to ask ourselves if it's controlled and what those controls are.

  37. OP is citing yield to the right, but that only occurs when both parties arrive at the exact same time to a 4 way stop.

  38. Your response and reasoning is accurate and respectful. “Doesn’t meet my standard” sounds ambiguous and unprofessional.

  39. They didn't give a specific response.

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