1. C'mon CP3, need 15 more P+A to end my losing streak.

  2. Go to Game launcher>Settings>Show game apps, change the setting in this to 'In Game Launcher qnd the Home and Apps screens'

  3. This worked as well. Thanks for the help.

  4. Have you tried checking the game launcher? My mobile operator app is not in the drawer. Turns out my S22U thinks it's game app and pits it in the game launcher. If it's there, you can tap and hold and move it to the drawer.

  5. I just joined today no problem? Did you do the verification process after clicking the invite link?

  6. I clicked the link and it opens discord with the “join

  7. Not sure then. Hopefully, someone else or a mod can help you out. GL

  8. What if they're a service worker as well? Maybe they're a doordash driver? Do you ask for them to wait til you get to the door to accept instead of just leaving it there? Call when they get there? Stop with your whining. Bottom of the note was unnecessary. Other than that, customer has a right to say something. Is that clear enough yet!

  9. You actually want a question mark at the end of that sentence, not an exclamation point.

  10. I'm drunk and aggravated, thank you reddit. Exclamation stands. lol

  11. Personally, I am waiting for the x95 models for 2023.

  12. Exactly. I missed the boat on the 90J/95J and the K's were meh. Hoping 2023 has something better in store.

  13. If you have been approved for FMLA, you and your PA don't have to explain a thing. They're not even supposed to question it. Use it as you need, and stop giving management a heads up. They obviously don't appreciate it!

  14. That cold streak down the stretch was unbelievable!

  15. Hahaha. This sounds pretty illegal and fireable. Isn't this tampering with time cards?

  16. Illegal, yes. Fireable? Nah, they'll just get moved to a different office

  17. This is hilarious. We get you have no other options, but be realistic. 45 yards on 5 receptions…

  18. He claims he's benching Godwin. He has other options.

  19. Bro as a fins fan teddy feeds hill. And of course I have waddle and the guy I’m running against has hill lol.

  20. Their last game vs the Vikings, Teddy fed them both. If you wanna bench Waddle because they're playing New England and BB then fine. But I see no reason to bench him because Hill is Bridgewaters favorite.

  21. I'm a commish in my league. A leaguemate had Dobbins in his IR spot. He did not move Dobbins to the bench before gameday and kept him in the IR spot despite having a full bench. After the games, I called him out, told him it was against the rules. He doubled down and said I was being a poor sport for missing the playoffs. I threatened to drop someone from his lineup for him if something like that happened again. The whole league then proceded to back up the leaguemate and shit on me, saying the leaguemate did nothing wrong.

  22. Yes, you are in the wrong here. The platform allows this with the penalty, being that the manager is unable to make any moves until he fixes it. If no moves are needed, he can ride it out. This isn't something you try to change in the middle of a season. Bring it up before next year and put it to a league vote if it bothers you that much.

  23. “I helped my dad build stairs for Grammy” & then he goes straight into his Christmas wishlist : Trampoline, Nerf Guns, Keyboard

  24. Use Kamara on your one running down and Ingram on your passing downs? Saints reverse psychology ain't working on nobody. Idiots.

  25. In PPR Wilson Jr., Knight or Edwards. JWJ has a horrible matchup and Knight seems to be in a rbbc, so leaning Gus Edwards. Thoughts?

  26. When you sign into the Fi app on the new phone using your Fi account, it will ask you if you want to use this device for your number. Say yes and it will activate the new phone and disable the old one.

  27. I figured it was that easy, but wanted to be sure. Do you know whether I should leave my pixel 3 on/off during the process? Or does it not matter?

  28. I've done it both ways. It didn't matter when I left the old one on.

  29. Red zone cuts it off and switches to cbs which doesn’t have the game…

  30. Future for any job. Contact your supervisor if their orders aren't doable. Don't just decide to roll something to the next day

  31. Is this going to be the new Pats fans gaslighting attempt? Acting like this ball didn't obviously touch the ground?

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