1. i think you can just name a player from denmark...

  2. i think you can just name a player from denmark...

  3. Good list... but i think ramattra and widow need slight nerfs and kiriko shouldnt be nerfed as hard as Hog or Soj. Also Orisa should be nerfed harder.

  4. no its not "dps moira" its just normal moira... idk why people think high dmg on moira makes her "dps"... she is literally the easiest dmg dealer so high dmg should be normal. People who use the term "dps moira" are more likely to be on lower elo. A moira without heal or a moira without good dmg is just a bad moira.

  5. Best are Ramattra, Hog and Orisa... and this by far. I mean they are the most tanky tanks with massive damage output and with the most carry potential. Also their ults dont depend on other teammates.

  6. Hard pills to swallow. Beast Gohan and Orange Piccolo are trash forms.

  7. actually agree... gohan pulling a new form out of his ass again that only he can get is so absurd and the form itself looks so fanmade. Also the movie was so good until gohan got that form and cell got literally oneshot... like why ruin the movie in the end with the shortest fight ever.

  8. Cringe how you decide its "the official tierlist" lmao... widow on B tier alone makes this list bad.

  9. dude i played OW everyday for the past 2 weeks and somehow never heard of this... am i missing something? what is this?

  10. First of all... what is this patch? might aswell just keep the game unchanged if they literally change nothing that might be impactful. Second, why does moira gets slightly buffed? she is strong af. The reason she looks bad is bcs the people who play her are apes. She is a noob friendly hero like junkrat, no wonder noobs are gonna suck on them. Here pick rate is also very high so i dont see why they microbuff her. If you have atleast a double digit iq you can solo carry on her easily. Brig buffs are meaningless and dont do anything against her hardcore dependency on the second healer. But where on earth are the hog, widow, orisa and lucio nerfs? heck even Ramattra needs nerfs asap bcs he is basically a paytowin in lower elos. Its been a painful climb to finally reach diamond again after being placed bronze 5 for literally no reason. Ramattra literally outplays the whole team by pressing ult and i think his block needs cooldown just like doom.

  11. Unlucky for you im probably more than 4x your elo... the reason you are stuck at bronze is bcs you play shit like hamster that needs hands and a brain to play effectively. Try Moira and you will see how fast you can climb despite being an absolute reject dumbfuck irl and ingame. I mean you still wont be able to get past gold bcs for that you need atleast 2 working braincells. But gold is high enough for a waste of oxygen like you anyways lol.

  12. You’re in a match with them i can’t imagine your game iq is much higher…

  13. not true... i was diamond on OW1... started playing OW2 on pc with the same account. Ended up in Bronze 5 with 7-3 after placements... and 2 out of 3 games i lost were bcs of afk. There is obviously something wrong with my mmr and the game in general. Im climbing "fast" (still very slow compared to other games but fast for this ranked system) but still that shit didnt make any sense.

  14. i wouldnt say he is bad... he just doesnt suit the tank role that much.

  15. It normally doesn’t matter as much but when you are in a bad state and maybe thinking about actually going through with it. It can push you over the edge. Sometimes lots of little things can do more then a big one.

  16. At this point just dont play games or mute everyone immediately if such nonsense and little things trigger you that hard. Stop pretending you can control other people especially random ones on the internet... you only can control yourself and all of your actions. You gotta live with what you can do and not with what you wish others to do for you. Yes toxic people suck but you cant prevent them exist by sitting there crying.

  17. Your saying to stop living your life and enjoying things? I know I can’t control people. No one can. That’s not what I am saying. Bad people are everywhere. We don’t need that on Overwatch. This stuff is important. My friend took their life this morning. Their reasoning was because the whole world was against her. Everywhere she went there was little comments. Those little comments matter.

  18. First of all dont put words in my mouth... second, your friend that took their life obviously never received help. There is a reason depression is a mental disorder. People dont know how to control their emotions or feelings. These "comments" that trigger you so much are normal and you will find them everywhere... so you have to change not the other people. You have to learn how to live with them.

  19. 3 or 4 since they have the easiest dps... also the healing doesnt need alot of skill. But if played with good players Team 2 should win.

  20. There’s been times when I’ve won 7 games and lost one, MAYBE two games……AND I STAY THE EXACT SAME RANK OR GO DOWN ONE??? This has happened numerous times to me!

  21. Bro i was plat on playstation in ow1... now i started playing ow2 on pc with the same account... i won 7 and lost 3, 2 of them were bcs i had an afk in my team. Guess what, i swear to god they ranked me bronze 5. Even tho i literally carried the shit out of everygame.

  22. mf ripped his shirt apart like a badass only to get dropped within seconds

  23. lmao these kind of posts are ridiculous... ah yes there is a pyramid (which is known to every living mf out there) so it has to be a reference to origins??? next time there is a post where somebody says that in AC 2 an npc said something in greek latin so it had to be a foreshadowing to Odyssey.

  24. these cases are designed to break easily... its just like iphones. They make shitty breakable glas design on purpose for it to have a high chance to break.

  25. lingard celebration ruined the it... besides that, cool clip.

  26. like animals lmao... i feel like nyc is just a big zoo.

  27. Exactly, why would anyone buy a game they know they will never own? It's a ridiculous business model.

  28. perhaps bcs people cant afford a normal gaming pc or console? Also playing high end games on a simple office laptop is actually a genius business model.

  29. yeah they built these things in the map so the game doesnt have to load when you need to see a sequence...

  30. I think I might go to jail for fucking up these kids, and be perfectly fine with it.

  31. yeah if it was my grandma or mother puhhh these kids would wish they never existed

  32. bro if that was my grandma... lets not talk about what would happen to these fuckers.

  33. my point was that assault is far less dramatic than shooting at people... if you really think they are equally as bad then you are fucking braindead.

  34. Who said or even implied they're equally as bad? You're really out here making shit up to be upset about lmao

  35. the stream of futago content we all needed after days of drip feeding

  36. either he knows exactly what he is doing or he is indeed clueless lmao...

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