1. Oh my God, the hide and seek is adorable

  2. and there still the awful magic, new yorkers run that city

  3. That begs a good question, what happens If Zeno erases The other universe while Piccolo is fused with them?

  4. Yeah Piccolo I think would have a very early square off with Jiren or another top-tier ToP contestant. He'd probably be the strongest of everyone and likely be knocked out due to other universes ganging up to take him out.

  5. I wouldn't say The Strongest because still The gap between him and Goku and Jiren is too big, and I don't think namekian fusion is as strong as The other two types unless The gap between Cell and Piccolo fused with nail × Kami is really that big, but he would probabily be The 3rd strongest

  6. Yeah I hear you, but those Namekians fused with nearly their whole planet right? His power should be up there, but it's his abilities that would be the things to put him over the top in fights where he is still lacking in power., IE, Special Beam Cannon

  7. Everyone is giving positive feedback on bringing a dog into your home, but please let me argue the other side.

  8. This is dumb rhetoric spit out by people who don't even know what this means.

  9. There's zero reason for Orlando to trade any player for FVV, this is all dreams and make believe by writers and fans

  10. I don't understand Dallas taking on the risk here if Kyrie's preferred destination is the Lakers. All the Lakers have to do is renounce Rui's rights to sign Kyrie, right?

  11. Mavericks have Kyrie's bird rights so it would likely be a sign-and-trade. If not, they just paid 1 first-round pick for a three-month rental and opened up a ton of cap space. People are overstating the demise.

  12. I believe they're in a much worse situation than they were prior to the Kyrie trade. They can only open up max space too if they do not resign Wood as well, right? They're down 3 of the 5 players they had at the beginning of the season. I just don't know how they can recover the talent they lost in the trade.

  13. Could Dallas at least cup our balls before fucking us on that deal?

  14. This doesn't work because you are adding players but nots decreasing the draft slot value.

  15. Yeah, it's debatable for sure where this pick would end up, which only cements I think Orlando's decision to re-sign Tobias.

  16. "Where's all the guys in Houston" posts are a real monkey's paw scenario.

  17. This is an amazing set up. If you were to apply for some of the bunnies our rescue had, we would be overjoyed to see such a set up!

  18. For all of Austin Rivers's bolster about going 1 on 5 and not being the "tough guy", when you put yourself in a position to get your ass beat, you're not the victim when you get handled.

  19. Keep trying to tell that to the Wolves fans. They’re making Rivers out to be some kind of hero lmao

  20. "Austin Rivers came to the Orlando bench asking if they would donate to end world hunger, and Mo Bamba chokes back tears ate a whole large pizza in front of Austin and told him 'If they were hungry, they should eat' and then ordered a drone attack on every orphan in a hundred mile radius! Austin told him that wasn't nice and then Mo Bamba, with all of his illgotten women, JUMPED Austin in a fit of rage!"

  21. Understandable. Happy to delete if not relevant. We would like to do more with the borders and add some veg patches in the future, but for now just want to tidy and have less of an eye sore

  22. tbf exchanging punches for words is always gonna be one taking an L

  23. Bamba was finding out until his teammates bailed him out 5v 1

  24. Being proud of going 1 on 5 isn't the brag you think it is

  25. nah he fucking sucks on teams that are actually trying to win games

  26. Well, how did he do against the Celtics?

  27. Suggs threw him to the ground from behind by the neck. 50/50 is pretty kind considering Suggs could’ve just gotten between the two to break things up

  28. Yeah you're right, you've been in plenty of altercations and capable of doing the correct thing at all times. Keep up that high awareness of situations you have no part in hero.

  29. I’m glad Suggs has you around to defend him from strangers on the internet

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