1. I also picked up some Youforia by Meigs County and I will say this is some loud shit lol. Was more of a potent hitter than Garlic Cookies wasn't even close. Meigs County is good shit I know they get a lot of hate here but don't sleep on em lol

  2. went with AF because I feel like this is one of the most widely talked about strains in a good way that I've heard since joining the program earlier this year. Definitely don't regret it - super nice high. Only on a 24 hour tolerance break and this has me feeling super lifted

  3. I've had both strains and for me the Pink Elephant was more unique. The taste might be the sweetest in the program. Effects were on point

  4. that's good to know. I went with Animal Face and I definitely don't regret it but I do plan on trying Pink Elephant at some point. Was it just as strong as AF?

  5. Stocking up for a while tonight - got 2.83 of Animal Mints by Meigs County, 2.83 of Blueberry Cookies by Galenas, and 5.66 of Robot by Woodward

  6. The EPBC is great 👍🏻 beware of munchies though. Next time I suggest second breakfast or blueberry cookies. Haven’t tried jealousy. Let me know how it is. Is it a sativa?

  7. Jealousy by Ancient Roots is a two big thumbs up from me. My first time trying anything by Ancient Roots and I am impressed. My tolerance is currently on the super higher side, and I'm still feeling lifted AF right now after two bong hits of this Jealousy

  8. Try their NYC Chem. I’ve got a wildly high tolerance as well and it’s one of my favorite daytime strains. Painkiller that keeps your head in the clouds yet still somehow clear. It’s also usually around 25%

  9. Appreciate the recommendation, I'll have to grab that next time I see it. The only two Ancient Roots strains my dispensary has the moment are Jealousy and Project 007. Might actually grab the 007 later today lol

  10. totally agree with this! personally, i think the studs look great on you, but you can always switch up the jewelry for a different look :)

  11. I think they look great, but if YOU like them, that’s all that matters!

  12. I’m 19 and I got mine pierced when I was 18 after years of wanting to and asking my mom and her saying no. I was worried at first with my family (including grandparents), old friends, etc. But they were all super supportive (at least to my face) and since, I’ve been much more comfortable wearing them around everywhere p much. Go for it, man. I’m sure you’ll be happy

  13. That's cool, thanks dude. What type of earrings do you wear for the most part

  14. Generally healing takes three months. After that you can change them, but you can’t leave them out. Read those brochures. You do not have to be pierced with anything you don’t like. You can pick out whatever jewelry you love best. Be it plain titanium disks or balls, any colour of the rainbow, gems or opals, natural stones like Onyx, Tiger eye, Moonstone. That might be a nice opening if you don’t know how to start the conversation with your wife. Ask her to help pick out the jewelry. For inspiration, check out the

  15. Ok cool. I just wanted to try to get through the Hunter's Nightmare now because the Old Hunters attire looks dope, but man those hunters were tough.

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