1. This is pretty funny, but unfortunately it probably won't keep him from being elected to one of the open positions. There are five progressive/moderate candidates and two radical/conservative candidates. If the progressive candidates split their voters and a majority of conservatives vote for Basye, he is likely to be one of the three candidates with the highest number of votes. I sure hope I'm wrong.

  2. It seems like a lot of groups have been consistent in endorsing the same 3 candidates. I think Chris horn has been left off because of his performance. Potter hasn't impressed anyone outside of his little Facebook group, and basye will leave the post to run for state senate, so I think worst case it'll be 6-1 voting

  3. I'm being a piece of shit to chuck because chuck is being a piece of shit to others. Chuck has actually done some good legislation on education as a rep. Even Ian mackey has said so. But instead of focusing on that, chuck has decided to be a cunt and do a bunch of "anti woke" bullshit and shit on queer kids.

  4. The collapse wouldn't have happened had the board been all white dudes cause they would've covered this up until there was an even bigger collapse

  5. I always said that smash mouth is the forklift certification of getting laid

  6. What hobbies did you do before you became an addict? I'd start there and try to find a group there

  7. They've been saying that for years. I'll believe it when I see the mug shot

  8. One of his sons got drunk and ran his car into a tree, then left a ways back:

  9. If hr only takes 30 seconds to read your resume, then I'll only take 30 seconds to apply

  10. Well, their resume sorting software does. I assume HR checks to see if they're a nepo hire

  11. Nah, I'm gonna be respectful, ill give those women privacy to down a jello shot between the tits while I make dumb jokes on reddit for karma that I don't know how to use

  12. Facebook allows this to spread misinformation, but I get 30 for racism for saying the people who shoot up the Emmitt Till memorial are white trash

  13. https://www.fox26houston.com/news/woman-left-paralyzed-after-robber-body-slammed-her-to-the-ground-suspect-still-wanted?utm_campaign=trueanthem&utm_medium=trueanthem&utm_source=facebook

  14. You look like you held back tears as you deleted hundreds of pages of Snape/Dumbledore slash fiction you wrote over the past 15 years

  15. Nah, that's just something after hitting a three. JJ Reddick did the same thing

  16. Yeah. It’s my preferred way of doing it, but I’m just one trans person. It’s less of a mouthful and kinda just makes more sense to me.

  17. That's good to know. I always thought saying biological male/female was OK because your sex and gender can be different things, and saying bio m/f refers to sex, but not necessarily gender.

  18. There is, but because of how the words were closely related in the past you see a lot of dissonance in how and when the terms are used and what they are used to denote.

  19. It did, thank you! It's one of those things that just has to play out with experience. I've personally had almost no interactions with trans people, so as I meet more trans people on and offline, I'll get more familiar with how to properly respect their identities

  20. Romeo and Juliet laws. They were both in high school, so he was like 17/18 and she was 15/16. So not statutory, but a continuation of generational poor decision making.

  21. Having sex at age 15 is not poor decision making. Having unprotected sex and getting pregnant is.

  22. Maybe/maybe not. But there's very little if any upside, and a whole lot of possible downside to doing it at that age.

  23. NTA. Songs can trigger a whole lot of different things for a wide variety of reasons. I know a person who can't stand a particular innocuous song because that song was playing while she was assaulted. So, while it was fine for them to select the song for their dance, it was also fine for you to step out of the room cause it triggered a lot of emotions for you.

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