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  1. Gotcha, I'll douse it with some penetrating oil and let it work in and see if that makes my life any easier.

  2. I couldn’t get mine to drop for the life of me, then I wrapped a chain around the bottom of a jack and around the subframe, put the jack on the nut for the subframe bushing, pump the jack a few times and it dropped it right out

  3. Broooo I’ve been procrastinating for months now because the last major step I have to deal with is replacing my subframe that I couldn’t get out. I went as far as just buying another subframe and trailing arms to get reinforced so I can just swap them out.

  4. as long as you put the chain where it is on the revlimited post i linked it shouldn’t damage the subframe, total life saver for me

  5. C'mon OP, post the rest of the conversation, not just the last one in a "Gotcha" post--there's gotta be more than this.

  6. read my comment history if you want context

  7. I know the feeling, and I’ve done the same thing with clonazepam because I just needed that escape too. You should reach out to a friend if possible and just spend some time where can escape the negatives without having to rely on drugs. I once took a solo trip to Santa Barbara after spending my 18th birthday alone and that made me feel better as well.

  8. I dont recall the name but it was a old man with superpower. Maybe someone please can give me a hint.

  9. Don’t you know, white people, I mean white nationalist nazis are the greatest threat to America and the world!!11!

  10. white nationalism is the largest domestic threat by the numbers though. The largest domestic terrorist attack in US history, the Oklahoma City bombing was carried out in pursuit of white nationalist ideology. I know that’s a little dated but it really showcases the dangers of racial agit prop.

  11. What a bullshit statement. What about 9/11 you fool.

  12. The phrase I used was domestic terrorism, that means it’s brought on domestically. also the american government brought 9/11 upon innocent civilians by interfering abroad, funding and training the mujahaden which would later split to become al qaeda and the taliban, then used it as an excuse to slam muslims, kill a million people in iraq, prop up war lords, introduce the rancid patriot act stripping privacy from civilians, and make private weapons company’s like lockheed rich while sending brainwashed 18 years olds they recruited from high school to die. Drain the swamp indeed, but first learn who’s in it and quit with the conservative bullshit

  13. previous owner told me he was brake checked by the civic after being cut off

  14. Do you consider yourself red pilled now?

  15. I overheated my e30, blew the head gasket and now I’m praying that the head isn’t cracked. I’d at least do the thermostat (very cheap and very easy) and the serpentine belts as well as a thorough coolant flush if you don’t know the state of the cooling system. If your budget and skills (or time to learn and you can diy) allow for it, the safest bet would be doing the timing belt, water pump and replacing the radiator with an all aluminum one, then your e30 should thrive and you can drive worry free. Also make sure if you drain the coolant system to bleed it well, it takes a little bit more effort with our cars than some others

  16. You can also check and make sure your heater is getting hot, if isn’t and the coolant isn’t low then it’s probably your thermostat. How hot is it getting on the gauge btw? And how long does it take to start overheating?

  17. Good to know, I’ve been thinking about a new suspension setup and which ones to go with. I’ve been leaning more towards kw or ground control

  18. kw doesn’t make a 5 lug unfortunately, I called about piecing one together and they told me the set up would have absolutely no warranty since I’d be ordering parts rather than a kit

  19. one of the few 17s that works looks wise, most after market 17 look ghetto.

  20. I agree, there isn’t another set of 17s aside from maybe contours or throwing stars that I would run

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