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  1. Floss a hippo if I’m using a long rope on the back of an SUV

  2. Overall working in customer service in several industries over the years women tend to cause more problem than men. Men tend to have the easy-going mindset. You tell them there is something out of stock, they are bummed but understand. They accidentally get a wrong side for their dinner at a restaurant? Most don't care, they're just happy to have food. Of course there are some that are more high maintenance but this is just general observations.

  3. Funny how the majority of the vote is Middle Aged woman, we all been there 😂

  4. I had to deal with my mum being a Karen. She always pulls the “I come here often” card when things don’t go her way.

  5. People don’t seem to understand life imprisonment is a fate worse than death

  6. You’re on Reddit right now and probably will be on it tomorrow

  7. They even charge 8.95 for delivery on the food aps. Even if you pay the app menulog doordash whatever for free delivery they still charge you. There's a mark-up on all items too. They're not fuckin spending the on salt I can tell you that, ask for extra salt the cunts give you none every fucking time. 3 piece box 2 wings and a scabby old breast... "oh its a variety"... FUCK KFC. Fucked me over too many times

  8. My KFC would allow 2 wings and a breast. What we wont allow is 3 breasts, thighs or ribs due to the batch quantity.

  9. They’re not even new stuff it’s all stuff we already had

  10. There is a line. You can see it by daylight ..

  11. I might have fixed it. Enable ipv6 on router and set to auto config. I’m using a netgear router

  12. Will try it out tomorrow and will let you know if it works

  13. I’m gonna try using mobile hotspot on my pc and see if it works. Mobile hotspot usually works but uses up data.

  14. I don't find the use of toilet paper weird. I find it fucking GROSS. Wiping ass with toilet paper is equivalent to you wiping dirty dishes with toilet paper and calling it clean 🤢

  15. Ass fingering? My boi how do ya know about it? Is that why you're so afraid of washing ass with hand cuz you're afraid that you'll accidentally finger your ass and you'll like it?? 🤨📸

  16. You should make a poll to see if it’s ok to wipe your ass with your bare hand and see what the outcome is.

  17. Haha its not that bad, this snake isn't venomous and let me carry him out

  18. Unfortunately I can't submit this because app recordings have to be a minimum of 20 seconds, but I will go back and record a longer version.

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