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  1. It was another bullshit day inside the minimum wage purgatory I surrendered nearly all my time to. The tedious requirements, the droning of hours as the sun rose and set beyond the horizon outside the glass windows of the All American! mall. Days no matter how beautiful never to be felt, the chill of the early autumn breeze only a flash of a memory as I roamed this air conditioned hell; a glorified freezer for the walking dead. That asshole supervisor Patrick Maisy always made a point to keep the temperature roughly around sixty degrees, like he owned the damn place. In his eyes, his words were God with a nasally, self-important voice that pierced against my eardrums like a power tool, eager to demonstrate any sort of power he held over the rest of us staff members.

  2. I suffered a lot with the same problems when I was in high school. Maybe talk to a counselor if you feel like the things with your classmates goes too far or you feel unsafe. There’s also nothing wrong with being reserved and just going through school to learn/do your work and then go home. If you don’t mind and even prefer being alone compared to forcing small talk, that’s totally fine. Fuck what people think, ignore them and they’ll lose interest. You just gotta do what makes you the happiest.

  3. Checking your phone isn’t a crime. He sounds like he’s manipulating you and you should probably consider leaving the relationship.

  4. "You reminded me that there are good people in the world" ah my heart it hurts

  5. Every upvote is a compliment to me.

  6. Worthless internet points is prime validation!!!

  7. I’m actually really curious why the croc consciously decided not to slaughter him

  8. Personally, I think the boat might’ve scared it away

  9. WOW this looks amazing! like seriously, the longer I look the more things I see that I love lol

  10. Walking into someone’s car at 13 cuz he said he’d sell me weed

  11. 2 years after leaving an abusive relationship I found out about those private/spam messages on Facebook and went to see if I had any. My ex had sent me dozens of messages arguing with himself about how he loved me and how he hated me and tell me all the things he was going to do to me, giving me my locations randomly, etc… it was under a different account since I had blocked him on everything else. Turns out he moved 5 minutes away from my parents house and was stalking me when I got home from college. I had no idea until I read all these messages a couple years later.

  12. Holy shit, that sounds like the plot of a thriller movie. Please tell me you’re safe and okay now

  13. Thats fucking disgusting, I hope you’re doing okay now

  14. Calling him a stalker and that he’s watching

  15. People seriously need to learn how to make friends

  16. I’m outside of my high school. It’s dusk, and there’s a dense swamp at the edge of the campus. I see people I knew throughout school, but they’re all ignoring me. Then I see an alligator, and its head pokes out of the water, and I have to figure out a way to try and escape before the alligator charges.

  17. Can’t wait till we collide w that pretty girl

  18. Why would you even make this up??? I'll never get what lengths people go to do get clout or popularity on their posts

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