1. Why can't you do both? I juice and eat fruits... I think getting 30-50g fiber per day is the current recommendations. I look at juices as my daily vitamin.

  2. yep i can do both, was just trying to figure some things out! so there are still some good vitamins in juices then? not a complete loss without the fiber if i’m still getting the fiber from other fruits?

  3. Juices can provide their nutrients (minerals, vitamins,antioxidants) as much as their cell walls can be crushed open and also that the juice is not oxidized which damages the nutrients (like with cheap centrifugal juicers that introduce more oxygen and heat). To me a well prepared juice can provide a concentrated amount of vitamins because you are getting rid of the fiber (means you can consume more of it than in it's whole form).

  4. If the craving is specific (cheeseburger) u need to distract yourself. Some people say the craving lasts only minutes.. but if it's longer you might also consider inquiry..."why do I want a cheeseburger right now?" "What memories and associations do I have with cheeseburgers?" (Ie happy or fun related).. "how can I give myself the emotion of that experience without the food?". Bc it's the emotion you are really missing... Not the calories or specific food.... Unless of course you believe in parasites and their influence on our cravings.

  5. Inner child work, compassion, meditation to improve control of the mind, distraction, mindfulness of the process

  6. Sounds like interstitial cystitis which can be related to MCAS. You might consider pelvic pt, reducing oxalate foods. That helped me.

  7. Not too sensitive for relationship... I can do 1:1.. but dating is a hard rollercoaster for me

  8. Amazing! I'm going to shop for these looks (I'm DC ingenue ethereal and that grey skirt especially catches my eye)

  9. For me I'd get constipation, then have those yellow bile salt stools which pushed things through.. then of course back to constipation. My variable was stress and inflammation along with circadian rhythm. Have you figured out why your transit time is variable?

  10. Actually, i'm rarely constipated, and when it happens, i feel better.

  11. Interesting. So... Any vegetables? Do you use a carnivore diet then?

  12. I agree with sentiment that it is musculoskeletal sounding. You could also look into pelvic physical therapy. It was life changing for my pelvic tension/constipation.

  13. Yes. And polyester makes me sweat terribly

  14. It sounds like you are doing some amazing inquiry into this feeling of imbalance already! One thing that stuck me reading your post was that you might not have considered your other values besides your service to the world. (You mentioned nature and connections to friends and family). I don't believe on having only one value or priority in life. I am currently balancing my values of my own health with my value of serving as an educator and provider of healthcare. I've also realized that my highest service only comes when I'm fully tanked up (healthy emotionally, mentally and physically) and it's my responsibility to make that happen.

  15. Cordyceps makes me a hot mess with a slow gradual buildup of symptoms. But putit in a blend with other mushrooms and its great for my mental clarity.

  16. I agree with the sprouted grains and greens. I favor the later in my diet. I'm guessing that you might have an outdated idea of how much protein you need in your diet. Consider trying the 80/10/10 method for your macros and you can definately get enough from fruit and veg alone one a raw diet.

  17. What kind of symptoms/reactions to lectins do u notice?

  18. Wow. I feel your "weight". Yes I've been through depression and burnout. My burnout was work related... but yours sounds like amik of work and life...(exhaustion of helping others) I Healed the burnout... Still working on the depression but way better. I used to retreat and collapse as you seem to be doing. I think for me it was a combination of depression and overwhelm from poor physical and emotional boundaries. The biggest helps for me was inner work and tough decisions to align my life with my true desires. And of course therapy. Dm if u want more details.

  19. How did you get your gene testing done?

  20. I was part of a U of Michigan study about 5 years ago which did my testing for free and provided me with a raw data file. It is similar to a 23andme raw data file.

  21. So I was having a bad day today and remembered to try an antihistamine. It's still irritating but definitely better.

  22. Wow. Nice! If that's having an effect, you might look into histamine intolerance and see if you happen to be eating many histamine foods on your tough days.

  23. I think ginseng could be nice... I would look into traditional Chinese medicine tonics for increasing Chi and see if that sparks any ideas. I recently came a cross a book about tonics for people on the raw vegan diet for this purpose.

  24. I found out I had histamine I tolerance when I was on candida diet and buckwheat didn't work. Take a look at the histamine foods and see if it lines up with your symptom frequency

  25. Foods that cause histamine release... Here is an website explaining the symptoms of histamine intolerance and the foods related

  26. Yes & no. The design of the pill is to go into your gut, dissolve in a few minutes, then when you eat food, it eats up the histamine so that our internal DAO army doesn't get overwhelmed by the invading army of histamine fighters.

  27. I LOVE your description of the "blinding curtain" and realize now that IS different from brain fog... (I have had both experiences in the past... Brain fog cured my juicing.. the curtain rarely but still shows up after focusing on a tough task for a while

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