1. Man now I want to rewatch Your Name. What did you think?

  2. I rewatched it a year ago and the reveal of

  3. I watched Chi-Raq followed by Brooklyn back to back in a theater one day.

  4. this is great but it also makes me weep for my beloved Lula Wang film The Farewell and other A24 movies that didn’t do so well during awards season

  5. Insane The Farewell got absolutely nothing. Such a bummer

  6. and also A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III

  7. Karina was on Night Call Pod (RIP) so maybe they been texting buddies! One hopes.

  8. Yo why he looking like he's gonna take me on a hot air balloon ride to Spain in 1923? Dude is looking hawt.

  9. I taped that movie Threesome on a free weekend back in the 90s and watched it only once. I feel bad about just casually having a VHS with Threesome written on it in Sharpie. Like, I should have maybe not labeled my spank bank movies but it wouldn't be unusual if the next movie on the VHS was some prestige movie. It was all based on when movies were on and how much I could fit on a 8-hour EP.

  10. You're just being a proper video archivist! It's not horny, it's just presevation lol.

  11. Joking aside this is why she's best in the game. Erotic 90s is gonna ruuuuuuule

  12. I have a bit of a conspiracy theory that Dune ends so "see ya next time" to basically ensure that nerds would bully WB forever if they didn't make a sequel. Dennis probably went to WB and was like "do you want another Sydner Cut on your hands?"

  13. Lol I remember one of the friends making a comment about the title Pokémon The First Movie sounding like a threat

  14. To be fair I believe by the time the Pokemon First Movie hit US shores there was already another one finished in Japan.

  15. Anyone keep up with Servant? Final season got some really great reviews.

  16. I haven't read it, don't know. but it never felt to me like it was struggling to be an adaptation. I also wouldn't call it a "major studio film", it really is a small, contained movie. I don't know if the book is like that too, but M. Night definitely does not try to make it bigger. and I gotta say, reading a plot description of the book, it seems the movie stuck pretty close to it.

  17. Glad to hear it changes course. The ending of that book is one of the big issues with it.

  18. Yeah I worked for the cinematographer of Monster and he said Charlize had major pay bumps if Monster got certain noms or wins because she differed salary to be in that movie. So it's like a incentive for all involved.

  19. John Wayne in True Grit is pretty much peak lazy old Wayne doing his schtick. Was a sentimental vote all the way. Plus Wayne was fully in his piece of shit angry old man conservative mode so to vote him over the much progressive and exciting rolls from Hoffman and Voight just stinks.

  20. Alicia Vikander should have been nominated for "Ex Machina" that year over "The Danish Girl".

  21. She 1000% won that award because of her good year rather than that movie itself. She basically won for Ex Machina but godforbid we give a genre film an acting Oscar. Blegh!

  22. RLM is a YouTube channel that mostly keep to themselves, but they’ve had a few Hollywood people guest star. There’s also a nebulous connection with Ellen that they made since Rich’s childhood Dick the Birthday Boy photo gained more prominence since it appeared on Ellen. So, she got cancelled, Max Landis ended up being terribly abusive to women, and now Justin Roiland. Not quite as bad is when they tend to mention older-actors in their episodes, more than once those actors had soon after died.

  23. God if Jack Quaid ends up being a sex pest, I'm so done.

  24. This is wild I remember like 2017 when there was under 1,000 users here

  25. Back when I called y'all Queermians. What a time.

  26. I always knew Brad Pitt was more ambitious with accents than he should be most of the time, and Inglourious Basterds is one where I just assumed it only worked because the whole film has this stylized and exaggerated sense of reality to it.

  27. Nothing will ever be funnier than Highlander where a Scott played a Spainyard and a Frenchman played a Scott.

  28. If I was president I'd make an executive order banning these kinds of articles. I hate when you see an article that says "Fans are outraged at the treatment of Chadwick Boseman in Wakanda Forever" and it's just like 5 tweets from a bunch of jamokes with 15 likes a piece. Fuck offfff

  29. Kinda sad She Said wasn't better just to watch Hollywood squirm as they talk about the movie all night.

  30. In less competitive field I could see The Menu getting a screenplay nom. But damn that category is stacked this year.

  31. I know it was never gonna happen in a million years but goddamn I would have loved a nom for Mia Goth in Pearl

  32. Excited for the This Had Oscar Buzz episodes on that, SHE SAID, and WHITE NOISE.

  33. White Noise not getting production design is a crime. I put it in more categories myself but that's an eeeeeasy one.

  34. I’m a bit nervous about EEAAO being the nomination leader, since usually that causes some backlash but I’ve been predicting it to win Best Picture for months now and won’t stop any time soon.

  35. Don't forget that Best Picture is ranked choice voting so you have to imagine what's on most people's #2 or #3 spot the most. Of those it's hard to argue against EEAAO.

  36. I think if anything it solidfies Colin as winner. Maaaaybe Brendan still has a shot but Butler feels like okay kid we're watching you and the nom is the win for Brendan's career resurgence.

  37. It's why I've followed their career ever since! I genuinelly think it's great.

  38. I'm poly and bisexual, but pretty much all my bisexual friends are monogamous. It's just a dumb sterotype because some bi/pan people are poly (and a lot of poly people tend to be queer) but I'm pretty sure I'm the minority.

  39. I remember a tweet going around a few months ago about a hypothetical Gen-Z remake called "Not ME Knowing What You Did Last Summer"

  40. From the title to the poster everything about We Bought a Zoo fees like a 30 Rock parody.

  41. I know it was a given Everything Everywhere would rack up noms today after all the precusors but still thinking back to watching this weird and fun movie about everything bagels, googly eyes, hotdog fingers, realm jumping, raccoon chefs and so much more would actually make it to the big stage is quite amazing.

  42. Happy for them but was so hoping for a surprise director or picture nom. Oh well.

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