1. A question for ITIN application, because I am guessing the IRS are very particular on how the forms are filled.

  2. I always assume full middle unless explicitly directed otherwise

  3. Well, I guess that answers my question. Not worth it.

  4. Not sure his issue, I go every time. Great? No. But still beats half the Plaza Premium lounges I've seen at YYZ. Still very very far from "I'll hang out in a washroom".

  5. About to buy plane tickets with Air Transat (YUL-AGP). Air Transat charges $150 for luggage. I seem to have read somewhere that if you paid with a Westjet cc, the baggage fees were waived even if the flight took place with a company other than Westjet (in this case with Air Transat). Can someone confirm that I'm right...or wrong? THANKS! Oh...I tried to find the post on Reddit before posting this message!

  6. Way way way way wrong. It's linked to your WestJet profile and works ONLY with WestJet flights. You don't even need to pay with it. It's just a perk of the card for WJ.

  7. You are correct, other programs may get earlier access. Also I think they are usually more like 325? All I can advise is to keep watch. They do sporadically appear as you go.

  8. On the AMEX gold GCR page it says 50k points + $125 rebate, but when you click the link the AMEX page says 60k points + 15k on travel purchases. If I use the GCR code, do it negate what the AMEX page says?

  9. GCR page itself might be out of date from the current offer. All that GCR is responsible for is the cashback. Whatever the actual AMEX page says is what you'll get.

  10. I think I know the answer but still asking to know what others suggest: I am currently working on Amex Biz Plat MSR of $10K still $2.5k left to be spent. Now I have an expense coming up for around $4k which I think can not be split (2 Flight tickets - for someone else :) Should I use my Biz Plat and go over the MSR or sign up for a new card :P

  11. If you get a new card and can make sure you hit the Biz Plat in time as well as the new card, go new card. Better to throw $4K at a fresh card with $5K MSR if you can handle it.

  12. I don't suppose anyone knows what time Singapore releases their awards at the edge of the calendar, do they?

  13. Too new still I think (assuming you reference Aeroplan) but they've done batch releases since they came to AP as well for flights anywhere from a year out to a few months out

  14. Of course March 26th when I do that route on the 14th. Maybe for my summer trip...

  15. Hoping to go to Japan late spring. I see lots of F availability with Alaska flying YYC-SEA-SFO-HND. However, when I look SFO-HND the space is gone. Also if I look in BA website there is no award space. Anybody has experienced this?

  16. Alaska has been bad for phantom JAL of late. Always seems to be SFO. I often see no HND-SFO but then HND-SFO-LAX or HND-SFO-ORD appears. Then it's gone when I retry.

  17. ORD-HND/NRT on JAL all got aircraft downgrades to 787-9 with no F for flights starting April 2023.

  18. Where was the J downgrade reported? Maybe it's a seasonal change occurring?

  19. Europe does ok-ish acceptance of it. And also have their own AMEX cards. But definitely nowhere close to North American success

  20. would love to see an example of this 20k savings if you have one - don't think I've ever seen Latitude or PY Flex all that far under what I'd expect to pay with a partner or the bottom of AC's range.

  21. I've a couple very rare DP. Usually they're just under AC J Lowest rate. But I've not had status or eUps so I've never had to observe or care

  22. I have eUps but Lattitude and J Low are so similar these days I just book J.

  23. There's a coin toss to it in my mind. If I compare J Lowest vs Latitude eUp, the former guarantees I can't get screwed on metal change or other nonsense (I do NOT want to be in Y for those long flights) but Latitude is at least free cancelation. Most of the time AC is my Plan B or C. Last few trips I've ended up doing J flex as a result. I miss COVID free cancelation / change...

  24. Always better to book two one ways. Cheaper if you need to cancel or change.

  25. It's better than ROUND TRIP, in MANY but not all cases. This is not even a round-trip comparison

  26. Any recent dp’s of delivery time for an Amex Biz Edge card?

  27. Standard AMEX (i.e. probably 5ish, up to 10 in T&C)

  28. Upgrade your ticket to F, cancel hers, and then hide her in the overhead bin during taxi. After takeoff, then she can come out and share your seat.

  29. It's F. You OWN the overhead bins.

  30. PM for AMEX MR and Bonvoy cards (all options)

  31. Explain to me: what is this delusion people have that it matters or that anyone who sees their card cares

  32. Thanks for that. So one follow up question. Say you don't have enough AP to buy the new route. How fast would the points show back up in your account?

  33. They're instant on cancellation. Here's the rub, and why I suggest it my way:

  34. Any DP on how long it took for the Platinum status to be applied on your Marriott account after the activation of your Bonvoy Brilliant card ? TIA

  35. Status/EQN usually reflect within a few days to a week of card application. Usually. Status should be much faster though if EQN drag

  36. It depends. I don't think having both Green and Gold are worth, because you would be paying $250 a year just for 1x more on restaurants.

  37. No reason why Gold specifically would be the card to do that with unless it's an early card. This is why your first card(s) should be keepers though.

  38. I see a bunch of JFK-HND in October too. Also 1xJ + 1xF so sadly won't help me :(. Though that is a super late flight, at least on my date. 2am departure. Screw that.

  39. Yeah, I booked speculatively. Regret not booking the 2xF from SFO last week, but might just do a quick trip to Japan and back solo - burn some of these points I've amassed over ~1 year of this hobby!

  40. They didn't do 2xSFO for my October date options. So, I remain in F and wife J out of ORD. 9 months for them to save her from 13 hours of lesser and yet still plentiful luxury

  41. Which airlines besides ANA releases their award flights only for the short term?

  42. ANA releases at 355. They just give MORE in the final days. Most do. Lufthansa J/F is only at the end though

  43. Well before COVID ANA F was literally everywhere. ORD, JFK, IAH, SFO, LAX, constantly released at 330 (not 355) but MANY on each route. If you wanted it, you got it easily. Then again, The Room/Suite also weren't out yet. So possibly true, but before COVID they didn't need to and people weren't so bloodthirsty for ANA or Japan. 2019 award travel landscape was very different for Japan. JAL also had way way more seats ready to go further out, hotels weren't as bad for points. Now EVERYONE seems to want Japan and hotel points rates and flight availability shows it.

  44. One of the fastest way to 100,000 AP points is actually Marriott Bonvoy cards.

  45. Pretty poor route when Plat cards routinely hit or break 100K for less net spend, less net fee, and don't waste valuable Bonvoy points of which one never has enough of

  46. Alaska card was discontinued a few months ago already

  47. Black Friday Aeroplan points for using an Aeroplan credit card have arrived

  48. Looks like they posted for one purchase that the eStore actually credited. My Dell purchase never went through (10 week mark to be allowed to open a claim isn't for a few days yet). Gonna bet I never see the 16K points using my TD APVI would've got me when all is said and done...

  49. It's not about being underrated. It's about how bloody valuable they are for flights (especially JAL), how hard they were to accumulate in the past, and basically impossible now. You can absolutely get good value but with Bonvoy cards and various other sources Alaska points wasted to hotel is very low on the list

  50. There's an entire stickied post for this...

  51. Ton's of people have talked about MS, but no one is doing that on the Plat's 3x when the Cobalt exists

  52. Things like buying GCs isn't MS. It's delayed spending and buying at key locations with the right card.

  53. None for my October dates but good to hear they're extending further out. Time to set that ExpertFlyer alert now that SFO has restored F service. Now let's get IAD back into the 'F' fold

  54. They're not going to bring IAD or SEA to F for years. ANA retired too many 777's which are currently the only ones with F.

  55. I didn't even know SEA ever was F

  56. Anyone know if there's a churning cool off period for the PC financial cards. From reading the terms sounds like I can churn it again

  57. For $100 or less on a sign-up, no one is going to bother churning that and wasting credit hits.

  58. Doing the AMEX travel credit trick for the first time...

  59. Once the credit is posted you should be ok.

  60. The 2020 one is the surprise here, as I think they were supposed to be eligible. Are you absolutely sure they met the MSR within the deadline for that app?

  61. Wait, if you got the the SPG bonus, you'd be eligible for the Marriott Bonvoy bonus? I thought they were the same card, so technically your once per lifetime bonus would have been used up with the SPG?

  62. I've only ever heard as you've heard.

  63. There was never any indication that the SPG->Bonvoy transition was like the Gold. The Gold became a completely new reformatted card. The SPG->Bonvoy was merely a rebranding, nothing more.

  64. Is there an app or tool that will alert you when the Marriott hotel points have fluctuated downward, so that you can cancel and re-book and save some of those points? Also I’m assuming you can’t churn Bonvoy card even if it’s been years since you first opened it?

  65. No special monitoring tool. You just gotta search yourself. Only takes a few minutes a day anyways. My routine morning is checking all my flights to see if better ones appeared and hotel bookings. Takes like 5-10, my morning "reading the newspaper" equivalent

  66. If a booking in EK J DXB - YVR has a stopover in SEA where it would be AC Y, do I need to claim my baggage and drop it off with AC during the transfer/stopover?

  67. If it's one PNR luggage always checks through, assuming the destination allows it. For this case, I believe DXB has preclearance? In which case it would go through, but if you were going from a country WITHOUT preclearance you'd have to collect no matter what.

  68. Lots of NH F availability from SFO/LAX to Tokyo available in march and april around cherry blossom season

  69. Glad to see SFO is back. Routes been 787'd for a while now but hearing it go back to 777 this spring/summer is very good news

  70. That sounds like eStore. Don't think Boxing had a 10x for AP cards?

  71. How does the free change on an Aeroplan economy flex reward work? Is it a free change on the original routing only, or can you change to another routing? If so, are there any restrictions?

  72. Everything. The only difference of change vs cancel is change lets you retain some of your legs if you want to make it partial. If you change the entire thing it's no different than cancelation except that it guarantees they keep your money in pocket

  73. As a churning subreddit, really the primary and secondary card should be the MSR you are working on

  74. Problem is PFC keeps sending people here to churning with these stupid questions. They don't know what it is or care.

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