1. With Jeph talking about Halifax, if you ever wondered what the place looked like, the 1998 Kelsey Grammer film: The Real Howard Spitz was filmed there...

  2. Not a great selection but I'm not expecting huge deals as it will be the Christmas sale... In the unlikely event you do not already own it

  3. I was coming here to post this, and when I saw "There is only one true answer" I said to myself "This better be fucking Weebl"

  4. As someone who loves anagrams, (Who when his mental health is better wants to apply for Countdown) I would really like this.

  5. The game I would like to win is one of these 5 please.

  6. Thing is he's not being a dick. There loads of bots around on reddit, especially on animal subs that pst t-shirts, mugs and the like and then another bot asks "where can I get this?" and the bot replies linking a website that you have likely never heard of thats basically using stolen art and/or data harvesting... They never link to places like redbubble or Qwertee

  7. That first picture makes me think that Aubrey could pull of Lady Gaga really well...

  8. No, if she has a key you change the locks. For all we know she has already made a copy. Usually its only a few dollars and it's complete piece of mind that she cannot have the new key at all

  9. I would like Deep Rock Galatic if I were to win... Hot Wheels Unleashed tempted me but the ability to do missions with friends dipped the eventual balance...

  10. I'd like Yoku's Island Express please

  11. Stop motion animation was in Portland Bill

  12. I miss when they were Sour Cream and Chive. Onions good but the chive was god tier

  13. Also, yesterday a bunch of Team 17 games went on sale and a few of them are at new record lows...:

  14. Cerina also had cabin fever for a nude scene. Something about yellow rangers and cabins I guess

  15. SPD Yellow does Burlesque now too so its a verry unusual coincidence

  16. that 11 looks a lot more like a 77,to the point where I said "Wait Bottas in a Red Bull?" before realising it was supposed to be Checo

  17. I think Xander is a top 10 ranger for me. 100% my fave green (and this is from someone who grew up on MMPR) ranger

  18. Adriannes body double for that episode was actually one of the supporting cast from a few episodes back, Michele Boyd. She streams on twitch too:

  19. Shame she never came back, could have been a good storyline and some growth in there for Gordon inbetween Laura episodes.

  20. I'm guessing its because COVID was too big, Michele has said she'd love to reprise her role, but then again what actor wouldn't love another paying gig when they not a series regular somewhere and are available.

  21. Before I realised I was autistic I found myself copying Jerry's mannerisms and didn't know why. Now I know...

  22. If I remember correctly some trivia I read about this scene, both Matt Smith and Karen Gillan had shaved their head for roles in their other projects and had to wear wigs. Karen Gillan for MCU Nebula. Can't remember what role had Matt S. bald.

  23. After learning they were both in wigs the thing that has disappointed me most of all is that there seems to be no photo of them wearing the others wig...

  24. Why does Faye look so different, it's like she's back in an older art style from when she worked at the coffee shop again but still buff

  25. I assume you are a fellow Brit. Be aware he is a Brexiteer. If you can find the episode of Question Time he was on with Caroline Lucas you likely will feel a little less towards him so avoid any mention of politics. My thought would be to ask him about his version of Exodus apparently there is very little of his original plan left in the episodes we got

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