Why did it take the police so long to show up to Capitol Hill today?

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  1. The System Reference Document, which includes the Base Classes, one Subclass for each, Many Monsters, Many Magic Items and Most rules! Basically, most of the important things in the PHB, Monster Manual and DMG.

  2. You were already able to do that. Rules and processes are actually not able to be trademarked or copyrighted.

  3. Looks like there's someone in the top comment that can help you.

  4. Why would you like to kill Ian?

  5. I can ask my cousin. She named her second son Killian. Her first son's name is Ian.

  6. Well, looks like the big video views drop happened around right after the Ryan situation and the big loss of subscribers happened after the Kdin revelations and the mistreatment of employees surfaced.

  7. The alternative is wait 2 months and let the new Republican house drive a freight train up the unions' backsides. Biden is doing the necessary work to finish a deal before Republicans get involved, which will be worse no matter what for workers and the country. People here are ignoring that obvious fact. Also, 2/3 of the unions agreed to the deal. Why don't their votes count here?

  8. You raise good points. I just want to point out one thing: the 2/3rds if the unions approving is actually misleading. Yes, most unions approved the deal, but the remaining unions, that 1/3 represent over 50% of the workers.

  9. Is he saying congress should force workers to take RR company offer, or forcing RR company to take workers’ requests?

  10. Force the workers to take the company's offer.

  11. This. Apparently it ended Thursday night, but I haven’t heard back yet either. I think they’ve got a backlog to work through.

  12. If it ended Thursday night, they were probably traveling on Friday. And today is the weekend. So you may not be able to hear from them until next week. And this week it's also American Colonialism Holiday on Thursday (and maybe they get Friday off).

  13. Isn't this the guy who tried to get teaching of evolution banned from schools? Scopes trial or something?

  14. Yes, but he is also the same guy who advocated and was successful at implementing many progressive policies and changes like:

  15. When I was in college, I was talked into taking linear algebra and differential equations at the same time. (I know, gluten for punishment). We were always telling the differential professor that the linear professor showed a 'better' way to solve the problems.

  16. I can relate. I was also the biggest smart ass in college.

  17. Honestly, for me, it sufferd from the same thing as much improv does, it tried to be too funny at the expense of the show/premise. Like on ep 2, when they visited the morgue and there were balloons and confetti come out of the freezer. Like, why?

  18. Treat your tech Improvisers with respect. Trust them. Work with them. Remember they're part of the show and the group.

  19. Well, also FDR was elected 4 times, so that also helped.

  20. I thought the length was brilliant as it matched Zooms time limit for free accounts.

  21. A white woman was shot and killed today. That wasn't enough for you? How many should the police have shot? Did you stop to think that maybe all the protests over the past year have had the effect of making cops think twice before firing? Not everything has to be bad and awful all the time.

  22. The only difference was that these people were white. The police haven't changed, they haven't had a change of heart. They're just racist.

  23. Unless it's just a tad over one car wide, then it's two-way (Benefit Street.....)

  24. Or a two-way wide enough for two cars, but with cars permanently parked on one side (Knight)

  25. No. That's illegal, sorry. Guilt by association isn't something we practice in this country.

  26. Unless the person is Black, Mexican, Latino, or in general non-white. Then the system and a big chunk of the population (about 74 million by the last count) do consider them guilty by association.

  27. "Guys how has no one ever mentioned this book called 1984??"

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