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  1. Got the GG4 1/2 ounce today at bloom after 30% was $67 out the door after tax. Definitely great prices for the quality.

  2. Im really sad, but fuck that was an amazing card.

  3. I saw jiri tap glover repeatedly and I was like WTF is this? The ref didn’t see it and I don’t know if I was tripping or if it was a tap from strikes.

  4. How the fuck did that judge score 3 for Santos’s but not 2?

  5. He was like yeah, the one that starts with an S

  6. I’m not even mad she lost but when they said 49-46 I figured they gave it to santos because there’s no way Valentina won 4 rounds. This judging is so all over the place, especially as of late.

  7. Why are they still interviewing fighters after they get KOed?

  8. I agree. You could see her grabbing at her head and looking concussed. I’m happy they gave her the moment but on the other hand I remember when Joe said he was going to stop doing post KO interviews after Alistair Overeem was babbling nonsense after Stipe knocked him cold. Hats off to Joanna and her run but seriously I think they need to implement a rule that if you go unconscious they just take you to the back and attend to you. You shouldn’t be publicly broadcast when that out of it.

  9. The first pair shown is the lower top Tegan with buckle is a 9. Everything else I have is 8.5 or smaller.

  10. I’ve seen them go anywhere from $50-150. I don’t ride so I honestly don’t know what they’re truly worth. I was just going to put them on eBay for like $45. I thought that was pretty fair. Shoot me a pm if you’re interested though and we can talk.

  11. Northeast Ohio 44319 zip if you want to estimate it for yourself

  12. Legend has it that his parents used to punish him by individually hooking each finger up to a medieval torture device to stretch them.

  13. it looks nice! i would just make it a bit more symmetrical (ie the tallest photo of him in the middle) and maybe try to have all the photos be the same “filter” if u can (:

  14. Yeah I just liked the way he was looking to the side on the photos on the ends. I resized the images and his head size being off made it look funky so this is what i ended up with. I also tried to contrast the photos and add a yellow tone so they were all the same tone. But I’ve got some more tuning there as well. I appreciate the feedback a lot though! If I fine tune this image I’ll post an update to the sub!

  15. Edit: I have zero graphic design background and this was my first time using photoshop. This is also my first time ever printing a shirt so I’m extremely happy to say the least. I planned on using black but I had to bleach my black cotton Ts to work with my sublimation printer. So I got impatient and used this white tee I had laying around that’s was $1. Please send constructive criticism.

  16. for zero experience, it’s not bad at all ! I’d recommend searching up YouTube videos on how to make “bootleg vintage shirt designs”. Those vids helped me a ton.

  17. Thank you! I was thinking of doing something like a Chinatown market tee for the next go. A little simpler with the layering and would make it easier to make it clean. I’ve reprinted this since and dialed in the heat and it pops a bit more. Gonna have a tattoo artist buddy of mine draw up some traditional work to use as the images.

  18. Might be easier to just buy official merch mate

  19. I own a custom leatherworking shop and decided to branch out to see if I could mess with clothing also. But as stated have 0 photoshop experience. You won’t learn if you don’t try. I didn’t know how to hand sew a pair of custom dunks from the ground up before I tried either. Get some ambition.

  20. Due to the sizing or is it programmed to actually give more out to women?

  21. Programmed to win more for women. It’s such a popular exploit you’re really not gaining an advantage. Just leveling the playing field. But with SNKRS is there really ever a chance at leveling the playing field?

  22. I love seeing people play off meta decks and having a blast. I’ve always been obsessed with blue eyes white dragon. I got into the game/anime when I was young and it was first coming about. Fell off only a few years after. Came back for 6 months during GX. Never touched other than duel links on mobile. So coming back to this I decided to go full blue eyes. Got some help from a build online since I’ve been out for so long and I’m loving it. I win well over 50% and am almost to gold. Honestly the most fun I’ve had in awhile on a game and these early gems are super rewarding. Can’t wait to build a meta deck to sit on when I’m not decimating with my fun decks.

  23. I’d received a similar package. Contents with a very distinct brand name that were illicit. I was worried for a very long time. Still continued with my business though. More packages came and went. Nothing fishy since and it’s been about 2 years or so. No problems on my end. You’re probably good!

  24. Yeah same thing on world market. Waiting for a new link I was in the middle of placing a new order fml

  25. Supported! This SBB go crazy! Good luck on the competition.

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