1. So I only have one. Mine didn't sleep through the night until he was 3. He's five now and he's having another regression where he is waking up in the middle of the night and needing one of us to soothe him back to sleep again. But every single time I think we're doing better his energy level and demands change. And then I'm exhausted all over again because of the demands during the day means that even after he is asleep there is simply too much to be done. And I only have one.

  2. Train them to self soothe by giving them a good bit of time to figure it out. Our two kids have always slept great, its tough, but when they cry, often times they figure it out after 5-10 mins and fall back asleep.

  3. Just like the Hawks been dying all season long too.

  4. The VP left a game he flew a private jet to after the national anthem because players kneeled. Lmao

  5. millions of dollars down the drain. What a fucking stunt that was.

  6. Yup, this is using your religion to justify your own prejudices. Personally I'm in the fuck all religions camp, but if you're going to use your religion to justify hate, then you better apply that shit universally or you're just using it as an excuse for your hate.

  7. Seriously, first time I'm hearing about someone cherry picking the bible to fit their narrative.

  8. They've done the choir intros for the MLK game for the last 5 years or so - maybe longer. Such a cool touch!

  9. We plan to circle this game every year going forward, had a blast!

  10. That's not a developers issue. Due to zoning laws, it's

  11. Yep, where the profit is, the market will adjust. Zoning and permitting is a nightmare for affordable stock. Blame us... everyone wants to live around people just like them.

  12. Sumo Hibachi & Wings (multiple locations) is legit! Its fast casual, but the rice loaded with veggies and the wings are pretty legit. Thanks!

  13. So…would it be a possibility that she was driving drunk and was driving too fast?

  14. I'm wondering if something like a deer was crossing the road and forced them to swerve. It quickly shifts from city to country in Athens.

  15. Roads are fine for the most part. It's just that we get flooded with a bunch of kids that are terrible drivers and are also unfamiliar with Athens. I'm sure it's similar in most college towns like Athens.

  16. Yep. A lot of kids also from the burbs or cities moving to Athens, not familiar with driving in the country too. They've never had to watch for deer crossing and the roads can be super dark.

  17. Good breakdown man, there's truly a time before and after Outkast.

  18. You know, sometimes you’ve got to tear it all down to the studs and rebuild the whole fucking house. I know that for the Detroit Lions, we knew that the team last year was going to be horrible. Detroit knew that in order to get better, they had to shed dead weight, locker room cancers, and those who don’t buy in.

  19. lol, I love that the Gators are being compared to the Lions.

  20. They should've killed it in their conference championship game. Their real conference champion sucked a nut against another SEC team if you remember.

  21. They should have lost to Baylor, was a joke they were even in it.

  22. Y'all suffered the worst loss in any bowl game, ever. EVER. I will never let y'all forget it.

  23. And only two years older than Stetson Bennett haha.

  24. Salted fish fried rice from Bo Bo Garden. Tried it not knowing what to expect and now we order it every time.

  25. Also their Basil black pepper seafood is unreal. Dang, now I'm hankering for Bobo.

  26. Eliud Kipchoge is a marathoner, has set all kinds of records. maintained 13.2 mph for 26.2 mile.

  27. And that was just the most recent situation. There’s been drama between Josef and every coach, including Tata. But he’s always had a good relationship with his teammates and the fans.

  28. This re-writing of JM7 is baffling and sad. Dude has been the heart and soul of our cities pro soccer team. To act like he was a cancer is some serious BS.

  29. Uga’s got his own car lol. It’s a Chevy suburban with built in AC for when it’s not running.

  30. Yeah, like we already have a staff and infrastructure hired to handle him. Why not drive him?

  31. I rowed 27.4, which was a PR, but feel like I ended mid pulled and sort of coasted into the finish. Is there a good training video on the technique?

  32. Definitely possible (Kipchoge maintained 13.2 mph for 26.2 miles so I’m sure he can do shorter distances far faster than that) but I think fairly uncommon amongst OTFers. I’ve definitely seen people use it for all-outs though!

  33. This right here is the most absolute insane stat.

  34. I used an extreme example, but there are good deals to be found in every market.

  35. Yes, you should walk. Who knows what else didn’t turn up in the inspection.

  36. lol, imagine giving this advice from two sentences of information. What if he was buying something worth $800k and getting it for $400k?

  37. Because we watched him play. He can't run, is slow, and is 5'7". He is not MLS starting quality anymore.

  38. lol, the fact you bring up his height shows how little you know, despite watching him.

  39. We have been a terrible team crossing the ball for years, it is stupid to try and cross to a 5'7" striker who has no burst yet we keep doing it. He is a late game poacher if a team is chasing a goal, that isn't starting quality even if you are remembering only what he used to be.

  40. We're terrible because we had the likes of Jürgen Damm crossing into Adam Jahn.

  41. I get the point you're making, but it seems everyone assumes the HELOC is a personal loan. It was used to buy our house in conjunction with an FHA loan. When I evaluate this debt, and I may be wrong, I view it in combination with my mortgage. If you take the weighted average of the 2 I'm paying 4.1%. Doesn't seem unreasonable.

  42. You are right to considered the blended rate of your first mortgage. We did the same thing to get a conforming 1st, and finance the balance with a HELOC. In 2018, this was 1.5% cheaper overall then going jumbo. Since then, our house has appreciated (through finishing the basement and renos + the general market) from $700k to $1.1.

  43. Wow, did not know the FHA was assumable. Thanks for the info. Haven't gotten as much appreciation as you (congrats!), but suffice to say we're nowhere near underwater and happy with our purchase.

  44. Yeah, you're talking about a pretty complex financial decision with tons of data points. Impossible to give you full advice, especially not knowing the amount in your 401k, other investments, savings, equity, etc.

  45. We have 3 potentially valuable wingers (Ettiene, Luiz, and Edwin)… with 2 others than contribute at an okay level (Wiley and Lennon… neither are starting quality)

  46. I'll agree to disagree on Lennon, dude has spent half of his time here hitting the ball into absolute clown strikers.

  47. Good for him, he's good player with amazing value as TAM player but with Almada staying he's role just strict to super sub which is too good for him, i wonder if Wolff will be recalled and move up from depth chart.

  48. We also have a ton of depth at winger, will be better to add another CB, ST, or midfielders.

  49. BTW as a club we have averaged 1.89 pts/gm with Josef starting and 1.04 pts/gm without him starting

  50. All the people thinking he forgot how to score goals, without realizing he had terrible service too. I shudder to think how many goals we left on the table with Damm and the others crossing balls 30 rows deep.

  51. Yeah I’m not gonna lie I hate Skip but I don’t think he was in the wrong there. That question was in my head too and he’d already tweeted something out giving his condolences to him.

  52. You're giving benefit of doubt to a guy that absolutely does not deserve it.

  53. Yea I read the tweet, didn't see noteworthy/that bad. But Skip is also experiencing the problems with being a troll and completely burning your reputation to increase engagement, people are not only not going to give you the benefit of the doubt, but will actively interpret your statements in the worst possible light.

  54. 100%. He doesn't deserve any benefit of the doubt because he's a terrible person. He made his bed, now he's got to lay in it. Why not delete it with the apology? 120+ million views. 50-100x more than his average tweet.

  55. Imagine having to climb up that thing to make whatever repairs are needed. Couldn't pay me enough money to do it.

  56. After taxes, thats what? $1? hmm... maybe.

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