Mexico has been eliminated from the 2022 World Cup.

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  1. He gambled everything on a Hail Mary for his country and helped them get through - at great personal cost.

  2. They really need to open the floodgates from their youth and let them leave to Europe instead of rotting in the bench for a LigaMX team. Right now, Mexico fans and media are clinging to Luis Chavez as the bright spot as they think forward. Luis was great. He's also turning 27 in a few weeks, and his window to leave to Europe is now very narrow. The time to send people to Europe is late teens, not late 20s. Also, Mexico fans, particularly Mexican-Americans in the US with American wages in dollars, heavily subsidize the mediocrity of Mexican football. You can set up a horrible friendly match anywhere in the American southwest and sell out an NFL stadium. Jersey sales in WC years are always great. The fact of the matter is, the Mexican federation has no incentive to change anything because the money keeps coming in.

  3. I'm wondering if the MLS-LigaMX venture to combine and compete will start to attract a higher caliber of player. Hard to predict, but the game is growing every year in the US, they have packed stadiums, and its the most popular sport played by kids.

  4. The first African World Cup winning team will be a sight to behold

  5. What team do you think realistically has a shot at doing it? I'd think Ghana or Senegal, right?

  6. My theory is that the big teams have had players in the top leagues playing non stop with hardly a break so they're a bit worn out. The lower ranked teams are made up of bench options or players from lower intensity leagues so have more of an advantage than normal in that respect. Sort of evens out. I'm probably chatting shit though.

  7. Its obvious that the gap is closing. Most of these teams have full time top pro league players, coaching, and staff. The days of a full time dentist playing in goal and starting in a major tournament are quickly ending (if they haven't already).

  8. Nah I think Deion would be a great P5 coach, even SEC coach at this point. He can recruit - as long as there’s a great coaching staff around him for the X and Os I think he would crush it

  9. Why does everyone assume that Deion wouldn’t be a good play caller. And doesn’t every good coach need to hire good staff?

  10. Sane got subbed in at the same time as füllkrug tho. He barely had time to do anything and imo he did well.

  11. Iceland's culture is quite different from the US's, and in addition I doubt you'll find a lot of school districts in the US that will stand up to aggressive parents. I think things will actually get worse in the US as school districts find their hands ties due to threats of lawsuits and teacher shortages get worse.. FWIW I'm a retired high school teacher and I am not optimistic that we will get a handle on things.

  12. And Iceland has almost zero racial tensions. And its a tiny country, much easier to build a support system from scratch. I hate when people try to use European solutions to American problems.... they are so much more complex here.

  13. I don't feel like any team is truly unbeatable or separated from the pack. Feels like the most open tourney in memory.

  14. Costa Rica's first offical shot this World Cup and its a goal. 100% efficiency,

  15. How safe are the 2003 models? I have an XC90, but it’s from 2003… it’s good i like it, but is it still that safe?

  16. Volvo can generally be seen as safer their their same model year peers, but the changes in technology from year to year are massive.

  17. I work second shift, get off at 11pm. Used to do all my shopping after work, now everything is closed by the time I get off and I have to do all my shopping during the day. I hate it so much. Used to be plenty of options to grab a quick bite to eat on the way home as well, half the time even McDonald's is closed by the time I leave work nowadays. Nothing being 24 hours anymore is awful!

  18. This is awesome, first time hearing of them, thanks!

  19. I miss it. All the buildings on the corner of Peachtree and Osborne from Ace to RodVRod except for the liquor store haven been purchased by a single buyer. Their plans are unclear.

  20. RodVRod is a treasure... I hope he doesn't leave, but he could be nearing retirement age.

  21. I heard Taco Mac has quality food, great service, and very welcoming to Englishmen!

  22. They have great wings too, they have honestly gotten better and better over the years!

  23. Brewhouse is the most popular spot for World Cup in general, and there's usually a lot of England fans there. Warning though that it gets insanely packed and rowdy. Lots of fun, but get there very early if you want a seat.

  24. I love Brewhouse, but having gone a few times during high capacity matches, its a bit of shit show. Hard to get a drink, impossible to get food. I've sampled every soccer forward bar in Atlanta and Fado in Buckhead seems to have the best mix of crowd, TVs, and great service.

  25. Honestly, the entire design is setup to fail with little funding. They get some federal bucks, and city taxes, but little otherwise.

  26. that is pretty typical for a project of this scope, it is not specific to atlanta.

  27. Right? Thats always used as an excuse not to move forward. I heard the same thing in 2014... it was too expensive and took too long. Here were are, 8 years later and its more expensive and will take longer, and we've made no progress in 8 years.

  28. these name are those i'm already familiar with. i'm asking for some potential youth players in defensive roles. like fullback or cb positions in germany youth teams. any names that you would suggest to look out for?

  29. Whew... outside Schlotterbeck, who is only 22? A lot of guys think Bella-Kotchap might be the best out of the bunch.

  30. just schlotterbeck and bella-kotchap? wow, this does not bode well for germany at all. i was thinking about baku who didn't make the wc team but when i looked him up he is already 24 y/o

  31. There’s a lot of dynamic talents in the attack, but we’ll be leaning on Kimmich and hoping Raum/Schlott develop.

  32. I thought Raum played well with what he was tasked to do. Attack, put the ball in. Not his fault we don’t play a true striker.

  33. And they played the long ball to switch sides to him twice and it resulted in a pen and a clear cut chance. Never did that again afterwards. Raum really wasn't the guy to blame. If they build up slow, no strikers will lead to no chances at crossing to his man and if they build up fast, he did what he was supposed to do.

  34. Gundo also missed him wide open, clean look at goal and kicked it right at the keeper.

  35. I regret not big rim and tire protection.

  36. Well, it probably means he'll get the benefit of the doubt. But that may be a good thing in the long run.

  37. And he’s got limitless resources and a rabid fan base here. Don’t forget, its a great landing spot for him too.

  38. This is why I sided with the baker in the infamous gay cake issue. Why would I want to support somebody’s business who discriminates against me anyways?

  39. Here’s a scenario… Maybe all of the businesses in the area band together (intentionally or not) and decide they don’t like gay people and don’t want to do business with them. It’s a slippery slope, especially in a country with clear discrimination laws.

  40. Except that’s a scenario that wouldn’t happen, and if it did, we would just start an LGBT owned bakery.

  41. And the 95% straight people band together to boycott. And the makes it a PITA to get permitting.

  42. That's such a weak argument, you can't fake a collision like that one.

  43. The game is marred with fake injuries, especially late, and especially when trying to protect the lead.

  44. Thanks for providing an explanation I didn't need nor asked for. I know players fake injuries, but this was a flying knee to the face, game should've been stopped immediately.

  45. Hey man, we just have a different opinion on the situation. All good.

  46. We struggle in last mile service though, unless you have a car at your destination. And to that point, our airline system is safe, fast, and affordable.

  47. Yep. Every stadium will hav 65k+, many close to, or over 80k.

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