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  1. Wait wait Ice Cube is coming? Fuck man I'll go with you! 39F

  2. Ok, y'all have to go to her TikTok and watch her JRod video. It's "chef kiss" perfection!


  4. Or the “plant” turtle, Mata also means plant and they blend in with leaves.

  5. Mata also means eye/face in Te Reo Māori.... Which kinda works with

  6. Awww! Welcome to the other side of the looking glass 🥰 Grab a cocktail

  7. Idk what you guys are talking about. This is clearly a post meant for advice to Kendall as she becomes a horse mom.

  8. Kendall half cut with an 818 margarita in the barn like "oh I love you foals, you keep me YOUNG"

  9. God I'd love to know her Pepino screen-name! She's gotta be lurking on here all the time. Right Hills?

  10. I just imagine a giant Spartacus-like caucus of pepinos going "I AM HILARIA"

  11. Hey there! The link to join the queue is *, once you click the link you will join the queue - keep an eye on your place in the queue, when its your turn you will be automatically be given the Dodo code and can fly on over :)

  12. I got it i was the one from Calabasas. Thank you so much ❤️❤️❤️

  13. I adore September Sun. All of the feels, all of the time

  14. That bloody panda pushed me to a dark place. Not proud of it lol

  15. I did this with Chow. Also set up pitfall seeds outside his door every single day and laughed while he struggled. 🙃

  16. How did you get your mailbox to sit so far out from your house?

  17. you can pick up your mailbox just like a regular piece of furniture to move it :)

  18. Would love to but only if you haven't been swamped with offers! Don't worry if it's too busy :)

  19. Seems to be a duck foot effigy, maybe a pet duck missing some toes. Roy…. Can you confirm? 😂

  20. My thoughts exactly. I thought I was in

  21. Carmen's like "Mami how do you say 'no wire hangers' in Spanish?"

  22. Dying that their special guests first name is Hillary.

  23. I couldn't believe it further down in a thread they say they are 36. Good lord.

  24. You took the time to write this entire thing and every word, but chose to abbreviate attorney to atty. Luke why bro?

  25. Because it's the recognised dictionary abbreviation for attorney?

  26. I had to stop watching this. I have a 6yo daughter and seeing Christa McAuliffe's parents just staring up at the sky trying to make sense of what they are looking at..... Nope. Brain automatically put my kid there and noped out.

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