1. Any reason for FUT over FUE? Only asking because 1500 to 2000 grafts seems like a pretty small amount for a strip.

  2. Chose FUT because if I remember correctly, if I need a second transplant, I can do FUE after FUT. not the other way around. FUT also allows you to keep your hair long as I usually have it, and it seems easier to conceal that way. I am also going to the best place in NYC (very expensive) and was looking for the cheaper option. Seemed like a no brainer personally

  3. I’m thinking of taking my first cycle of testosterone soon, but I really have no idea how to do so responsibly. I was wondering if someone could give advice on what to take, what dose to take, how to come off T, and any additional things I should take to avoid long-term problems? I am a young guy (23) and am really interested in testosterone but just don’t want to do something totally stupid. I have no experience with steroids or testosterone, so any advice would be really appreciated

  4. You literally scrolled past several links to a wiki that answers all your questions. Here's one more, just for good measure.

  5. Headlights, The Monster, Survival. So Far is a close fourth for me, his lyricism is insane in that song

  6. I (M21) have the same thing here. I have been able to recognize a few key reasons why this happens to me and have been trying to work on changing it. Here are a few of my tips:

  7. I just turned 21 and have had the same problem as you. Naturally shy, used alcohol to be more social and more myself around others, then began to drink alone, then began to black out.

  8. Thank you dude. I'm gonna try and put some restrictions on my habit rn. Even though the restrictions are only mild, its more to see if i can get a control over my urges

  9. That sounds good. If the problem continues, you might have to quit. Once it gets to the point of you trying to hide your drinking, it’s time to seek help imo. Hopefully that’s a last resort and you can control it and drink moderately

  10. It is my 21st birthday today. Very hard to try and be sober for it. But I hope my life will improve once I have beaten this demon. We are in this together.

  11. Read that book about 2 weeks ago after drinking constantly. Now over 2 weeks sober. It really is amazing. Shows you how EVERY reason you give yourself for drinking is bullshit and how it harms you in so many ways. Congrats on 100 days!

  12. You will feel INFINITELY better when you know that you are sober and capable of making yourself better. No more hangover anxiety, no more wasting time hiding from problems, no more guilt and shame associated with drinking. You will find inner peace when you realize that being sober, having the ability to change your life, and being able to face your problems is a realistic option for you. Good luck!

  13. You're right. I had years before so I know the good things that can come from it. Thank you for reminding me.

  14. The ultimate feeling of relaxation / inner peace is knowing that you are capable of handling any situation in your life at any time without being impaired or fighting demons

  15. We as humans have evolved over time to have very intense dopamine circuits. When we were cavemen, and we never knew when our next meal was coming, our brains would urge us to keep searching for dopamine (eating, in this case) in order to stock up and make sure we don’t starve if we have to go a long time without eating. This is especially the case for people with Northern European heritage, or any other place where food can be scarce and is harder to grow/find.

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