1. aww, are they Siberians? I have a Siberian and she looks just like them; but with light grey and white fur

  2. Yes they are! My husband is allergic to most cats, but they work for him.

  3. people don’t find DID and other mental illnesses “cringe.” we do, however, find faking DID and other mental illnesses cringe

  4. the urge to brush my teeth after seeing this

  5. “Choose Life, your Parents did” is the least persuasive to me, like yea I’m still pissed at them for it

  6. “aren’t you glad your mom chose life?”

  7. That makes sense. This case isn't that old. It happened in 1998.

  8. the woman who killed Emmett Till is still alive, too. alive and free

  9. i think their reasoning behind letting her walk was because shes old. not to mention it was her husband and (step?) brother that actually killed him. it was her false accusations that led them to do that.

  10. me, too. accountability is accountability. shouldn’t be coddled and go free just cuz you’re old. plus she said it when she was young. the consequences lasted a life time

  11. I always laugh when transphobes say “I don’t USE pronouns cuz I live in the REAL world.” then how do you communicate?? the English language was BUILT ON pronouns. it is physically and grammatically and verbally impossible to communicate without pronouns

  12. people will eat ass and then tell you Vienna sausages, bologna, hot dogs, and Spam are bad for you

  13. The post stated pronouns are stupid not me I just forgot the quotations, and I don't really use pronouns people just call me whatever

  14. I have one of the world’s most edgiest and immature sense of humor and even I don’t find this funny

  15. They want to hide and live in ignorance because it messes up their perception on their fake peaceful go to work be boring world, where everyone is good hearted. Imagine what these people had to go through! We're just reading it, that is nothing nothing compared to actually living it like some of these people did.

  16. plus, I did put TWs. like twice. so if they choose to read about it despite that, that’s ultimately their decision and not on me or everyone else

  17. we could walk across the ocean….if it’s not too deep

  18. if you were hit/beat/spanked as a child and think it’s okay to hit/beat/spank children, you clearly did not “turn out fine”

  19. Belle Delphine and Megan Fox. Megan Fox and Belle Delphine are cringe. they just don’t do it for me

  20. this isn’t an unpopular opinion. like 90% of the population thinks this

  21. “hey, guys! I’m, like, uh, getting a tan today, and stuff. I’m getting really tan and everything hehehe”

  22. Aiden, Caden, Jayden, Braden, Trystan, McKensleigh, Britni, Kortni, Destinee, Jennyfer, Baelynn would disagree

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