1. I agree with you there! I’m 5’6 and accommodating vertical is incredibly unflattering on me.

  2. I clicked on your profile because I got curious (you can't be R at that height) and you're accommodating vertical in almost every picture...

  3. The common sense is that she's a DC, but I think she has too short limbs to be a DC and she is always wearing big high heels bc of her short legs or else she looks super

  4. Limb length is irrelevant unless we're talking about the length of the femurs affecting vertical. Any non-vertical accommodating ID can have longer or shorter legs as long as vertical doesn't become so prominent it needs accommodating.

  5. I agree, but It's relevant here because i was talking about classic family, and she has a clearly unsymmetrical bone structure. And it also affects her vertical, because she instead accommodate pettit (ofc when she's not increasing 15cm on her legs). Kibbe types do not change when we get weight or change clothes, but her does... I don't know her type, I just know she's can't be a DC with this long torso.

  6. It's a common misconception that classics have to be symmetrical. Kibbe meant balanced as in a balance between yin and yang.

  7. it’s prominent in her torso, and she has width in her calves as well. she absolutely has to accommodate for it. her frame is NOT narrow.

  8. Not the calves 💀💀💀 that has zero to do with Kibbe. 😂

  9. I don't see the need for width accommodation. Ornate details overwhelm you, including more lavish yin detailing that would compliment R/TR and smaller patterns that would benefit a gamine. You have a moderate vertical line so that rules out any vertical accommodating IDs.

  10. Width cancels out petite so no, you can't accommodate width and be a gamine.

  11. I can't see balance honestly. She's obviously curve-dominant

  12. I don't see the vertical needed for SD like some people here suggest, so that would leave SN then. Based on the silhouettes she looks good in I think it's safe to say you can at least rule out any vertical accommodating IDs.

  13. I think I'm a SN but I dislike the vibe of these pictures (and most of the outfits) sooo much. I feel like they don't suit me at all 😭

  14. This is just my personal interpretation of the essence, but it doesn’t have to match your personal interpretation/how you personally see the “fresh and sensual” essence. I went for a specific vibe, but it doesn’t fully represent the ID nor how differently it can be represented, so don’t feel like you’re caged in to only this side of the fresh and sensual essence lol.

  15. Yes, I understand that. I think one of my issues with a lot of SN representation on here is that often the outfits and visuals are often so... plain? Not sure if that's the right word because it has a rather negative connotation (which isn't what I mean), but quite often the outfits are very 'basic' (just a simple tee or a white blouse) and I personally really struggle with anything that's a solid colour without having any pattern or texture (or an added bunch of accessories to spice things up). So a lot of the SN rep on here feels quite underwhelming to me and I find it hard to relate to.

  16. Unfortuately, your friend is too yin to attend the game.

  17. I recommend wearing a hockey outfit instead. A male figure skating outfit is only for the yinniest men. A yang woman is way too masculine for that.

  18. Yes if you want to dress more androgynous. No if you as a curve accommodating AFAB want to be perceived as AMAB (unless you are not conventionally curvy, too).

  19. And tall and dainty are categorized by the same measurements worldwide, regardless of the average heights and build of a local/national population. Mr Kibbe's definition of what is tall and broad, and what is tiny applies as much in Amsterdam as it does in Tokyo.

  20. Nah. It doesn't. Kibbe's theory might but measurements are not the same worldwide.

  21. The vertical line is having an uninterrupted, continuous, elongated line. You automatically have it if you're tall if not ppl think you're always taller than you really are. You avoid breaking the vertical line by wearing monochromatic outfits.

  22. Looking taller or not has nothing to do with the vertical line. Vertical is determined by the line between shoulders and knees. Looking taller than you are often has to do with other things, like head size.

  23. Vertical is the line between shoulders and knees (not feet). You need to accommodate vertical if this line shows up as dominant in your line sketch. The elongation can be found in the torso or the thighs (or both).

  24. I have narrow shoulders. 🤷‍♀️ I think it’s something that you can feel when the fit is off. You can look it up in sewing guides.

  25. Google tells me the seam should fall at the edge of the shoulder bone. Maybe I am just confused as to how this is anything new/a clarification in terms of the sketch as this is how I've always interpreted it.

  26. People have tended to think he meant that it goes all the way out and have drawn their sketches with a kind of cap sleeve. You can see the many, many posts here where people say that nearly everyone’s shoulders are the widest part of their body.

  27. Yes, I've seen a lot of people do it wrong. I just thought that perhaps there was something new I was overlooking, but it appears we are on the same page.

  28. The classic family has the same advice actually (to be very spare with accessories). I believe that the natural family benefits from even more relaxed lines than I see in your outfits (imagine the typical H&M model look - simple straight jeans with an oversized T-shirt or sweater for example). That being said, of course these two can often overlap, otherwise it would be much more easy for us laypeople to tell them apart :D

  29. SN would go against their silhouette in straight jeans and an oversized sweater. They accommodate curve. Their recs are more like the R recs but with a bit more relaxed flow.

  30. I think she’s a soft dramatic actually. I thought that was the general consensus.

  31. No, she does not accommodate vertical like SD would. She doesn't have the long vertical needed for D fam.

  32. I think a lot of people typed as D aren’t actually 25+. I’m 28 and probably would have been typed D when I was younger but as I’ve filled out I have to accommodate bottom curve.

  33. also kibbe used average american women to deduce his types according to his hight definitions the netherlands must be full of D FN and SD (average height of duch women is 170cm, 5'7ft) 🤔

  34. Yes, they are. Those three types are incredibly common in the Netherlands (out of those three I'd say FN is the most common among Dutch women. SN is pretty common too)

  35. This was a comment underneath a thread about possible overtyping of pure D. I propose we change these three IDs to Tall (T), Upper Curve (UC) and Carrot Shaped (CS). Much clearer!

  36. Not only that but you can have a large bust that only projects forward (as in having conventional curve) and still have gapping on the buttons.

  37. I was just adding the fact it can be conventional curve as that isn’t necessarily width either. All types can be conventionally curvy.

  38. I think you're misunderstanding me (or I wasn't clear enough). I was talking about conventional curve which has nothing to do with width (you can have width with and without having conventional curve). I was merely giving an example since this post talks about width.

  39. He's saying to look at the armpits, basically. If the rib-cage, in the armpits area, is wider than the hips - you've got width. If it isn't - well, no width there.

  40. I'm pretty sure I have width (SN) but my armpits aren't wider than my hips because I have wide hips as well. I don't think this is foolproof. Perhaps he doesn't mean literal measurements but what's visually dominant in the silhouette.

  41. Thank you so much for this comment, I feel that you explained my struggle but much, much better. I currently identify as a demiwoman, which means I am mostly comfortable with being refered to as a woman but that a part of my gender identity doesn't fit into that. For me is just that I want to look the most gender neutral posible. So there are days were I feel comfortable being feminine and have no problem following Kibbe's recommendations, but there are other days were I prefer to be more neutral and what I do is choose a more conservative look or just go oversized genderless blob. The thing is I still want to be a stylish genderless blob, so yeah that was why the post was written. I'm currently reading your recommendations and of course looking for other sources of inspiration outside Kibbe to get to that.

  42. I wrote a long detailed reply and I think it didn't send? 😭 I'm not gonna type out the whole thing again cause it was a lot but I would look into DC for inspo as it's slightly more yang leaning while still having a yin undercurrent and it's a bit more subdued in terms of accessories etc (which most men don't wear a lot of on average so that can help sell the deal). But if you just want to appear more neutral and not necessarily want to be perceived as amab that'll likely be easier! I recommend looking at TR men for inspo such as (not all are verified) Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Park Jimin, Lee Taemin, Ten Lee, Xiaojun (esp the latter few have great stage outfits)

  43. oh, that would be great. I'm a big fan of Taemin already so this makes me happy, also I love Jimin style. Would be looking into their wardrobes 👀

  44. I've send you a pm, please let me know if it worked because I've never send someone a pm on here before 😅

  45. I'm team R fam for Changbin. Sure, he's buffed up a lot these days, but even then he remains very soft. I see curve first and I don't see the need for width accommodation (SN). I just don't see blunt yang in him, it's softness all the way imo.

  46. Proof positive that everyone wants to look like Keira Knightley.

  47. This will depend on your own lines. I wear both SN and SD recommendations because they work for me, equally. I think it’s worth considering that there’s no way that every single person’s body will fit neatly in one ID. There’s also no rule that says you will absolutely look terrible if you dress outside of the recommendations for your ID.

  48. This. And since there's no such thing as 'lines', not everyone looks good in all the recs for their ID. Kibbe these days is less about the recs from the book and more about looking at your own silhouette.

  49. Many people type her as some kind of gamine but I really don't get it. To me she's THE romantic queen.

  50. She doesn't have double curve. Iirc Kibbe himself has said she's not in the R family.

  51. Genderfluid/masc outfits for curve accommodating IDs (R/TR, SN, SG, SC, SD). And I don't mean a femme curve accommodating suit as a form of 'menswear' but actually androgynous and masculine looks.

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