1. A few of em are fantastic others not so much but I’m excited to go my second time through them now 19, 12, 2, 13, 4 all are hitting really nice atm curious to see if anything changes second time round

  2. Interesting. What did you not like about #2? I just finished mine today and thought it really surprised me with the flavor. Fun stuff for sure !

  3. No flavor no high, for a competition had the oldest dates on it.

  4. Olswell in Adrian they got deals going on right now 15g 94 out the door

  5. Incoming Ashamed Ad copy paste cart nonsense. Just don’t listen to that foolish man he gets sold special mids by all the dispensaries.

  6. Lmao this fucking comment right here is goated. Comment of the year

  7. Bro I’m from Ohio. Olswell I’m Adrian Michigan I guess depends where you from in Ohio but it’s a two and a half hour drive for me totally worth it. 15-10gs of live resin cured resin or badder for 90to110 after tax. Also some of the best rosin in Michigan is made there. They have deals on their rosin usually 4/100 if it’s not on sale 8th for 180 but still better than Ohio prices.

  8. Shotout to Gage, I love them. Great deals on extracts. I always get their 3.5 cure live resin 30 bucks otd.

  9. You can get 15 grams for 90 otd two blocks away from gage. They alright I usually go there for live resin pens it’s the only place in Adrian where I can find cresco light sky farms

  10. I like their prerolls best bc on sale it comes out to be the same as an 8th

  11. Backpack boys 3/100 or exotic matter and peninsula gardens 4/100, 5/100 pro gro. What you think is best bet. price means nothing I’m just trying to get best smoke and feel like your comments are similar to how I smoke

  12. What brand is that you got their rkive house brand or something else

  13. For Carts I Recommend Element, Cresco, and Light Sky Farms, and Humblebee (All Legit Live Resin)

  14. I know this shot is copy and pasted I swear and you get downvoted every single time

  15. Just show up to one of the listed dispos, no sign up necessary. But I do think it's one judges kit per person (someone correct me if I'm wrong) but there are a lot of categories this year

  16. So like I pick a box that’s just indica or satvaa or pick a box that’s just carts or one that’s just solventless concentrates

  17. I think so. I'm gunning for the solventless concentrates and gonna have the wife get the solvent concentrates kit and just go wild

  18. Thank you for all the information. My goal is to get the sativa box and fiancée get the solvent less box

  19. You’d like it to if you smoked virdis tested crap you’ll find out it’s just like any other bud

  20. I don’t even look at potency as long as it’s like 23 or higher I could care less

  21. Don’t purchase Play brand products unless you enjoy Trucenta BHO.

  22. Okay is the same as rkive. The play rosin is the same as the rkive rosin it’s just the second press

  23. Your fingers have to smell like absolute fucking straight ASS 🗑️ 🤣

  24. Good thing there is these cool things called soap and water and the process called washing your hands to avoid that. Do you just go all day not washing yours?

  25. You're putting your joints out right at the best part. Roaches shouldn't be that long.

  26. I think the picture makes them a little bigger if anything I could’ve hit them a few more times but I use an inhaler and shit it hurts by then

  27. OP…..your question is blowing my mind. If this was a SportsCar forum you would be the one here right now telling us that you just bought the latest Porsche 911 and now you are here asking all of us Which Gasoline You Should Fill Your new car with.

  28. You’re a fucking douche to everyone on here just delete your account and don’t quit your day job.

  29. I don’t buy flower but some top shelf cart and concentrate brands are

  30. Lol surprised you didn’t throw in the word shitillate

  31. Sounds like it would be tasty. Hows the nose on this? I keep seeing these and wonder why lol.

  32. This dudes promoting his brand cause it’s only medical said there’s not enough good rosin on the market for med wish it was rec tho looks gas why not sell it as both who knows

  33. It’s not in a bad area, I would suggest either getting a hotel at a casino close by or hitting a few up water front

  34. How was it I’ve only gotten stuff in their orange bags and it’s always been dry and smells mildewy

  35. It had dark ash and definitely on the dry side I will not be smoking the rest lol could be somebody’s cup of tea but not mine

  36. Yeah they always push it so last time I just told them straight up I’ve had five different kinds and did not like any of it. The rosin is straight gas but the flower not so much. But like you said for the price point someone else could say it’s gas.

  37. We’re you able to get thru eventbrite and type in your code for tickets keeps telling me the event doesn’t exist

  38. I can’t remember if it was this or twelve did you feel like either had a apple pie ish smell to them I thought it was lovely can’t remember which one tho

  39. Made a little trip down near the Ohio border to scoop some goodies… very impressed with everything so far and these 1G disposables are the shit.. definitely some of the better hardware as far as disposables go in my opinion.

  40. Where at cause I come from Ohio and never see the yeti stuff I go to Adrian

  41. I got a shit load of downvotes because I complained about my wife buying me space rocks, mainly because I said I almost made her cry. It was an embellished story, but people immediately accused me of yelling at and being abusive towards her. That shit bothered me because that’s not who I am, but that’s social media for you.

  42. Don’t worry about silly downvotes, I also still enjoy roach joints, and apparently that’s a downvote subject.

  43. Lol I usually don’t I just was surprised so many people hated on me for that but Reddit is a hating ass place

  44. Does Rkive do live resin baller buckets, or are those produced by trucenta?

  45. I think not sure but they also started doing batter by rkive. Honestly the rkive and trucenta shit taste the same.

  46. Stay in Adrian I’m the same way from Ohio go to olswell

  47. How much was the box ? And where did u get it think I might get one when I go up Monday sounds like a nice verity

  48. I’m Just tryin to help you have the best cannabis experience you can when smoking a joint. The looking silly part and don’t let it happen again part were just jokes. My bad if you thought differently other people on Reddit made it impossible to Joke now

  49. Yeah I thought you were just being a prick. I like ocbs but the gas station that’s like a block away from me those are the best options they got so I get those. Raws I think are the harshest paper out there personally not what’s in them or anything but they literally like hurt my throat and make me cough more than any paper.

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