1. He is not chubby, hairy, bearded, pasty or wearing a tank top. I hope you're never asked to help in a police lineup!

  2. I don’t know what the original comment was but the answer is so funny to me. Slay girl

  3. Can someone fill me in — what’s in 47 days and how does it relate to pokemon lol

  4. Pokemon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet is getting released in 47 days.

  5. If I just had an award to give 😩😩😩

  6. My biggest gripe was how similar Claire’s and Leon’s story was. Otherwise, I loved it

  7. I’m surprised I haven’t seen more posts comparing them

  8. The UK really isn’t an alternate universe

  9. It’s what I believe some people call a joke. As in, if Sasha’s life had diverged a little, she would’ve ended up as Cheddar Gorgeous.

  10. I’m unsure what this achieves. By pointing out that she wore this uniform, is she implying that indigenous kids are being killed due to it? Or that Brooke supports the genocide of children?

  11. I’m somewhat afraid of this trend because by raising the bar time and time again, there’s someone who’s gonna flop and it’s gonna be their entire storyline.

  12. Where can I watch it outside of the US :(

  13. I saw in another comment that Hulu stuff usually ends up in Disney+ for non-American audiences so I would check.

  14. It was fine. I watched it to support queer shows and to “encourage” Hulu to do more of these but honestly, it’s not something I would watch again or recommend.

  15. I WANNA SEE THEM TOOOOOOO 😤😤😤. I’m so jelly.

  16. I would probably put Kendra, Erika, and Astrud as the first three to go out.

  17. My impression is that the way she acted online and the way she acted in person made her come across as disingenuous. She was sassy, she would clap back, she would read other queens to filth online but the moment she was there in person, all of a sudden, she was reserved quiet, and wouldn’t even acknowledge other queens presence in the room.

  18. Kimmy Couture’s performance of Ctrl Alt Del introduced me to and made me fall in love with the song

  19. Bitch, the way Kimmy gave me Miami party at 3AM after having a Molly celebrating breaking up with her abusive ex and getting ready to go to brunch the next morning with HUGE sunglasses. The hoe took me there.

  20. I really hope they get so an all legends season where they do a mixture of the All Winners season and maybe celebrity drag race.

  21. She can’t be included. Coco Peru wouldn’t stand a chance.

  22. I hope she sees this video and gets embarrassed.

  23. Salsa to the pussycat dolls? This show is doing a better job of stretching reality than conservatives

  24. This. Wtf was that about?? If they’re gonna dance salsa play salsa.

  25. Right? I’m sure there’s a salsa version of this song out there. I’m pretty sure there’s also cheaper songs to license for salsa than the pussycat dolls.

  26. when they were negotiating the season 2 contract Brooke refused to sign back on unless the producers performed a blood ritual to bestow her with telepathic abilities. Obviously it was a pretty big ask and all the producers involved with the ritual are now damned for eternity but the show had already lost two judges and they absolutely couldn't stand to lose a third so there was really no other option

  27. Can confirm. I am the blood used in the ritual.

  28. Girl, calm down there has only been two seasons.

  29. I’m under the impression that it’s coming out after the third season.

  30. Would still be soon to add s3 people if it is coming after it

  31. I mean, plenty of queens have returned right after their season.

  32. I absolutely love that the question was: which of these four options is the most gag worthy and please are doing everything BUT answering the question 😭😭😭

  33. It's been updated to Fiercalicious and Boring Fiercalicious tyvm :4814:

  34. Thank you. We need to accept the rebranding

  35. Wait what do u mean. I'm so tired so I can't like understand your title lol. What do mean by "because the queen in a bad way?"

  36. I love how we all struggled with the same part.

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