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  1. Did you get the pre-order content and Palace edition? I think it has something to do with the pre-order bonuses for multiplayer, on PS5. Seems most ppl that have this issue are the ones who got those. Including me. The separation of SP and MP progress is definitely dumb as fuck, I agree.

  2. Yes I preordered the palace edition and the fact that we don’t get our pre order cars free is also dumb as fuck considering the money you earn in this game is considerably less.

  3. Yeah. It's a strange decision for sure. Btw, the only workaround for the online character customization bug right now is to start over by erasing all your progress, but no way I'm doing that as I'm too far in at this point.

  4. I’ll just wait I hate the default character but it’s whatever

  5. Yeah I guess but you can’t do anything about it. I win 90% of the races I enter, esp now that I have a dozen cars with multiple in each tier all capped. I know what I like the car to feel like and know most of the tracks yeah I get rammed but if I drive well they never even get close so it’s not an issue. A lot of people getting rammed at lower tiers and under level 10

  6. You can get rammed at any level, I’d be good but I can’t get what I want in this game unbound is the worst nfs game for me

  7. Play thru story and you’ll have like a dozen cars in MP. All the free cars in story are sent to ur online garage. It’s like 500k or more worth of cars. Build a cool car and just race in that tier. Might get better at racing by playing thru story too

  8. I’m good at racing I was good at heat never needed the rsr in any game never evened owned it. I got rusty in heat since I moved to other racing games since no one wanted to race they just wanted to do that drag racing or the oval race. My time away and the other games caused me to suck I guess you could say. Though this handling model is just such ass why the fuck would the go to the slider this has the second least customization when it comes to handling

  9. Literally my favorite moment in the mcu. I love the mark 50 armor this is the reason I believe the mark 50 is better then 85 but after further thought I’m still not so sure

  10. Holding himself together when everything is falling apart

  11. I'm not comfortable with how comfortable she is. There's no sadness or anger on this woman.

  12. The screenwriters stated that they wanted to show how using the gauntlet in such a manner takes a toll on the user. Same happened to Thanos Prime and he snapped twice.

  13. Is healling factor is nerfed in the mcu though anyway right?

  14. It was supposed to be close to coming out by now but honestly I’m pretty miffed that armor wars is only happening now. For awhile now I thought the only armor wars arc we were getting was IM and IM2. A very rushed and small arc compared to the way others handled it. I would have loved to see it take place during the 5 year gap see more IM armors. Though it now has a more emotional side since Tony is gone Rhodey will want to protect that legacy and knows how dangerous this will be in the wrong hands

  15. You'll have to progress far enough in the game to unlock it. Plus you have to spend cash for them, the game doesn't give them to you for free.

  16. They did before idk why they thought that was a good idea

  17. Yes for sure though even then some of them are really well liked

  18. No option what so ever. really my biggest gripe with this game and EA.

  19. If Ghost and Criterion both make the same mistake over and over, then there's some systematic issue with the way they work and test the products, which is more of an EA thing

  20. Remember when pornhub was good though? That was the good times

  21. The real universe is finite too, and we have a pretty good idea how big it is. The idea that the universe is infinite is pretty outdated I think.

  22. Doesn’t our universe expand then shrink and just repeat that? The whole red shift theory and the like

  23. It expands but it looks like there's not going to be a big crunch, it will just keep expanding forever. I think the cyclical universe has been disproven.

  24. Wait so the theory for the universe being infinite was that it expands so much it would collapse on itself then start a new? It was based on a cycle that made the universe infinite?

  25. What do you mean fit anyone? Basslines rims are 22inches, I think 95% sure

  26. I was unaware planet hotwheels was based off HW35. However the “city leg” is not technically a leg it’s just Hot Wheels City

  27. I wanted to see the full capabilities of the mark 85 but instead he got knocked out. The iron man armor is really susceptible to plot

  28. Yeah, it’s a really frustrating thing. Iron Man had armors that put him on par with Thor or a resting Hulk. But in Iron Man 3, Extremis super soldiers are treating Iron Man armors like they were made of aluminum foil.

  29. The armors strength is super inconsistent throughout the entire mcu. It’s hard to compare them but I did think the strength of the material of the armor was supposed to be the same as in the comics but that not true the armor was nerfed but even then it’s still super inconsistent. Everyone says his armor gets weaker due to the more human sleek design but I thinks thats utter bs. As to me Tony strikes me as a person who only upgrades at least his main armor if he doesn’t lose anything from it. I don’t think he would sacrifice defense like that. It’s just that as time progresses he gets hit harder I think the largest injury he’s ever sustained while wearing the armor not counting the snap is the stab wound when he ran out of nano machines for armor. We see him get tossed around hit with planets and be totally fine get blown up 100% okay but in civil war he gets a sprain I assume on his arm his face mask breaks off and a non extremis person bends the armor. Then at mark 85 he gets knocked out by third hammer easily it’s just plot related his armor is just fully susceptible to plot.

  30. Also there’s a tournament coming up on the discord please feel free to join

  31. Never played the psp games I’d prefer the 3ds ones as they they do have more content

  32. Drax is more likely to die but this seems to explore rockers origins so he might want to leave and not do super hero stuff unless he goes to live on the compound to make sure she’s safe protected by the worlds mightiest heros. Though it’s possible the one he seeks is very similar to him and they do it together would be cute/hot

  33. Endgame shows that Thor 2 happens in 2013, as when they travel back to the past they should us the year they are. so when Thor and Rocket travel to the events of TDW it says 2013.

  34. Frank castle like everyone who is morally bad? Cap doesn’t kill everyone Frank even kills teenagers man

  35. It does kind of seem like an instinct, to me at least. He was a trained WWII killer. The older comics portray him as that.

  36. I never read the comics so it might be why I enjoy some characters more like I fucking love age of ultron but I think everyone hates that because ultron is portrayed very differently to the comics. Same with other characters I know some characters I saw before the mcu I didn’t like all that much compared to the ones I saw. I can’t exactly speak on comic accuracy.

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