Today in 1969, The Beatles performed their legendary rooftop concert on the roof of the Apple Corps building in London. They played for 42 minutes before being stopped by the police. It was John, Paul, George, and Ringo’s final public performance as “The Beatles”.

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  1. Ah, the classic 4-5-4 formation with Ghostface as the goalkeeper. Let's see Argentina beat that team

  2. Not to mention his role in Tropic Thunder. I think he’d do it at an affordable rate if he thought it could be fun

  3. Honestly it looked like everyone in that movie had so much fun.

  4. Let's not mention this terrible "game". Even if you took away the energy requirement, it's still a fucking awful piece of trash imo. I've played until year 4 or 5 via a cracked version that had unlimited energy because I always thought "there must be something fun/interesting at some point, but that point never came. It remained the same boring click, click, click "gameplay" it had been from the start.

  5. Yes but the fun part is where the developer makes a gazillion dollars, you see.

  6. She was assaulted by Schneider, harassed by the guy who whipped his dick out, stalked by the mannequin guy, and pretty much threatened with murder and kidnapping by Davola. She goes through quite a lot.

  7. Psychologically manipulated by the Svenjolly.

  8. Is it not illegal and dangerous to use your phone while driving?

  9. Yep. Please don't use your phone and drive.

  10. "Her lips said no, but her eyes said 'read my lips'"

  11. My dad was a programmer so that would have been a bit difficult to help. Like what, am I supposed to do his code reviews for him?

  12. You could sort the letters before he used them in the code. Makes for easier assembly.

  13. My understanding is that saving 15% will very roughly work out to you being able to spend a similar amount to current salary when you retire.

  14. Only if you make about 27000 dollars a month.

  15. Commenter mentioned 2-3M dollars. 2.5 mil divided by 50 years of work (15-65) is around 4100, about 15 percent of 27k.

  16. The biggest giveaway for me has always been someone looking around in a situation where they are about to have to fight. A person in their face yelling or posturing at them, and they aren't looking at that person at all. But are instead looking over them or around past them.

  17. Looking around the room for things to hit them with. Chair, plant, table leg, Jim's leg.

  18. This is amazing, the coloring is superb.

  19. I played hades on switch but I refuse to wait a year for it to leave early access. I was gonna need a new laptop next year for college anyway so I thought “why not”

  20. If you have a pro controller you can use it on PC

  21. Well, after all, eeeverything's for sale!

  22. Honorable mention for the Cap vs. Cap scene in Endgame.

  23. Like Tom Hardy crossed with Viggo Mortensen.

  24. This dude is brave. He must have a good health plan to cover an emergency room for stitches and a tetanus shot.

  25. Could be in a country with normal health insurance.

  26. Imagine being one of those bobbies late in life and realizing you strong-armed one or the greatest bands in history.

  27. They were already massive at this time. Everyone knew them.

  28. Binding of Isaac, Monster Hunter, Dragons Dogma, Hollow Knight, and Dead Cells

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