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  1. I hate everyone on here saying i wouldn't charge family. You didn't know everything. Maybe he is planning on starting a company, and the family is doing it because they want it. And instead of hiring some other companym they are getting him or her to do it, as a good starting point. Charge them, but discount it. Unless you want to do it for free and have the means to do so, if this will help you pay rent ect yes charge them

  2. If you got the money get a sonos amp

  3. The fireplace is always in the best TV spot. Whyyy designers, why

  4. My question is why do new home buyers accept this design? I don’t understand how or why the person that is going to be paying for a home for many, many years simply can’s say “no, I don’t want it this way”. Seems like some new buyers don’t want it different from what they are offered.

  5. My guess is it's not even in the thoughts, most people are not too big into av, so they never think about It. The TV to most is an after thought even tho it will be used daily. For some odd reason

  6. 8k is a profound waste of time and money, and content for those displays doesn't exist

  7. I'd say you have an idea, but it's incomplete. My bet would be tech when there is actually is 8k content, the panels will have newer better tech in them. So it's not a great idea to buy 8k currently. They do have benefits. Tho

  8. 8k upscaling. Pixel density. going to have the latest and greatest pannel, sure it won't be as good as an 8k TV in 5 years. But it will be better than any 4k, if you can get it for a reasonable price I say go for it. Also rtx 4090

  9. Save a little and hit a local cabinet shop

  10. It was fairly cheap the oled c9 cost more. It's all second hand. Don't let it fool you.

  11. Yes: dedicated, light controlled, and matte black everything. Only one row of seating needed. I'm leaning towards the projector but just cant make up my mind. I know the PQ on the QLED will be better but it will also be over 27" smaller on most movies (at least for movies in 2.35) - thats a huge difference.

  12. I watch movies on both the projector 120" and 65 oled in the bedroom.

  13. I have removed my 2 w7s like 20 times, because I made better box. Let cousin borrow it ect. Still havnt hurt em

  14. I personally would change Amp to jl audio, and get some c2 fronts ans c1 rear.

  15. If that sub puts out any bass at all I would not have my receiver and computer on the stand with it. VIBRATIONS.

  16. It came with the system at a very good price, it's puts out no bass. I am in an apartment. I cannot in good faith run it

  17. Probably want the front of your L&R to be in front of thr edge of your cabinet and your center to be at the front edge to get rid of reflection points.

  18. Where did you get one that isn't anniversary edition?

  19. I am a fan of building wood entertainment centers but you really can't do that in an apartment. Good luck with whatever you decide, looks like a Klipsch set up, love the wall of speakers. Have 2 5.1 systems of Klipsch.

  20. Check out my latest post. Just finished it today. And installed.

  21. That's got a big sliding glass door. To the balcony

  22. I'm pretty sure there is a law somewhere that allows for traveling though states to have a gun. When passing though. That being said. Cops do not care.

  23. "Hit piece" = "something I don't agree with."

  24. Very ignorant way of responding. You could have easily said. I only post what I view as something important. When they say something like this it concerns me. And yes if you only post bat shit crazy things. You can make anyone look insane

  25. Why is this so far fetched in today’s political climate. For warned is for armed -vs- ignorance is bliss.

  26. Would it be far fetched. If in 20 years you have no physical ID. You say something bad about Republicans or democrats, whoever is in power. And they just ban you from accessing your ID? I'm unsure if that is too far out of the wheel house or not.

  27. You should be more concerned with how bad your government is than how dumb your neighbor is

  28. Yes, and everyone who presses this button will have to live in that safe home and serve their billionaire for the rest of their lives and their children's and grandchildren's lives.

  29. Do you think that's what the average republican wants? Damn we all live in different realities, Republicans are talking about breaking up major corporations. when they talk tax cuts, not the politicians fuck those guys. But average people they mean for small business. But we live in a world where every politican has a price. And someone always buys them. 90% of republican voters want it to stop. Go ask them. I think they are just voting wrong

  30. Everywhere. The right thinks the democrats are nothing but corrupt liars. And so does jimmy dore a lefty. It's super corrupt. That's the problem we are focusing on policy when Raytheon is benefitting the most

  31. They are a problem but not as big as you think. Go watch a video where someone says they ate going to wait until married to have sex. And how full of hate the comments are. You are not in reality if you belive religious extremists have any power. And are big. .

  32. They are currently taking constitutional rights away from women in Texas and several other states.

  33. Yeah it's dumb but it's only banned when it has a heartbeat. Gotta compromise somewhere. And it's not just religious I know plenty who are atheist that agree with it and those religious that disagree.

  34. I'm more concerned people belive this bs this entire sub is propaganda.

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