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  1. The cool thing about crosswalks is you can step into them whenever you want and the people driving need to stop for you.

  2. You should probably also make sure that the drivers can see you first.

  3. Nail on the head. It’s a blind corner, he’s hidden behind that first car, and he doesn’t even pause before stepping right on out. The fact that the comments are blaming the cars is nuts.

  4. And it definitely seems to be distilled into its purest form here on good ol Reddit.

  5. It’s like when a friend of a friend stood on my front porch in my mostly working class neighborhood and yelled into her phone in her loud ass voice, “I can’t make it out there now, I’m in the ghetto!”

  6. What's weirdest about being poor my whole life is that there are people who act shocked (some of them poor themselves) at the idea that some of us make jokes about it.

  7. No I've seen 2 or 3 photos of him having sex with Natalie, about 20 of him having sex with questionably aged young women and prostitutes, about 50 photos (and videos) of him doing drugs, weighing methamphetamines, smoking crack, etc. And lots of emails about Burista and giving "10% to the big guy" for meetings with Joe. They are in several places on the internet, 4chan, dreaddit, mega, etc. You can look up some 4chan archives if you are really that interested in seeing Hunter's shriveled penis.

  8. It’s almost like 4Chan isn’t a reliable source for truth or something.

  9. My guy, the raid is justified, I never said it wasn't. If it feels like I implied that it wasn't, that was not my intention.

  10. Now it’s the perfect time. You wouldn’t want another Neverwhere, would you.

  11. I may be one of the only people on planet earth who genuinely loved Neverwhere. But I also love old Doctor Who and the vibes are very similar.

  12. And I'm sure it's entirely coincidental that Dream also happens to look a lot like Neil Gaiman... or vice versa.

  13. I mean … he’s denied it many times, but the resemblance is uncanny, and the meta quality of it is too good to ignore.

  14. Ah, well you should probably move to a city you actually like then. You probably think I’m trolling but I’m not. There’s no joy quite like loving where you live, and there’s no reason to deprive yourself of that joy.

  15. That you could have attempted to move the conversation along at any time, rather than being performatively offended by the context of the situation being pointed out.

  16. What conversation? Lol. I literally just mentioned the subject of the post. You don’t appear to understand what you’re even trying to deflect from, here.

  17. I've explained how the things I brought up provide context. Part of being in a conversation is reading, not just ranting and feigning offense.

  18. “ I've explained how the things I brought up provide context.”

  19. Depressing yet also exhausting. Family trying to 'translate' for brain damaged patients absolutely kills me. Stroke, TBI, dementia, whatever. Families do it no matter why the patient is damaged and no matter how severely.

  20. No the perfect casting is having David Thewlis as Dee. He stole the show.

  21. I love that Thewlis has returned to playing horrible little gremlins over the last several years. He’s so good at it.

  22. I wish Stephen Fry was in everything. Even just a random little cameo appearance in completely random shows and movies. There’s never been a scene he can’t brighten.

  23. As a dude, let me offer all the ladies a little advice- if a guy complains about having blue balls, kick him out immediately and never speak to him again.

  24. I hope lots of young girls see your post because yes, exactly. It took me years away from my first (incredibly abusive) ex to understand that I wasn't, like, hurting him whatsoever - it was just another manipulative tactic in an endless list of them.

  25. I was in a boy scout troop where all the other guys were in a foster home thanks to felony convictions. (It was a diversion program from juvie for nonviolent offenders.) One of them was a fifteen-year-old car thief named Tim. Tim was short and quick to anger. He had a classic fetal alcohol syndrome face, delicate hands, and a lot of wild stories. He taught me how to hotwire a Suburban and how to make a one-hitter out of an apple. He claimed to have had two stripper poles in his apartment because "bitches were lining up" after he installed the first one.


  27. It’s wild that this isn’t in Portland because I looked at a listing with the exact same layout, pole was even in the same place.

  28. God, SO many good memories here. I haven’t been in a while, I should go.

  29. Jesus H Christ, kid. None of what they're doing to you is okay. They're abusing you, and none of this is your fault.

  30. Loved clicking that to find someone bragging in a child comment, then misogyny. Never change, tech world.

  31. I’ve never seen someone refer to a meeting as a “1 vs. 1” rather than a “1 on 1”. I wonder if that’s a tiny Freudian slip into this guy’s mentality when it comes to dealing with people. Like it’s always got to be a confrontation.

  32. no, it is an anti passive. you pass, it is silent. you fail, it generates text. op had 14 conc. so no text.

  33. The "one more door" thought that you get from trying to open the bunker door on the jetty was the example I used for a reason. It is absolutely a roll and you will always fail it, no matter how high your points. The game uses that failed roll and the thought together to make a point.

  34. It might be like the door no one can open, in that the answer was never programmed into the game. Impossible may literally mean impossible here.

  35. I’d argue that was less a character issue and more a pacing one. Initially this was going to be two different seasons, and it still feels that way; the Preludes and Nocturnes part of the story was adapted at a breakneck pace and there were bits and pieces added from other stories as well. The Dolls House part of the story was adapted nearly straight and most of the changes were cutting scenes out or expanding scenes that had mostly repetitive information (like everything with the Corinthian and most of the stuff with Lyta.) If Dolls House and gone at the same pace as the rest of the show, it would have been two episodes total instead of four.

  36. I can't speak to your examples, but generally I felt like The Sandman wasn't really the MC of The Sandman... and that this was fine. It feels like the real stories are the stories at the Diner, the story of Rose, or Death, and the themes these stories speak of.

  37. Neil's said before that he intended to treat Dream like an expensive guest star, only giving him small cameo appearances.

  38. I switched to just women and I’m not only happier for it, I’m also braver and louder and more open. I feel more seen and understood than I ever did with men. The queer community will welcome you with open arms.

  39. I think this is the sort of thing where people are upset by what you’re saying not because you’re wrong, but because reality sucks.

  40. No. I've had a lot of sex, been in a few committed long-term relationships, and worked in male-dominated fields. And you're not quite accurate.

  41. Oh, I totally agree with you! But we are talking about fwbs, not about all relationships between men and women. This thread was in response to someone who was insisting fwbs are all respectful, equal friendships.

  42. The thing is, the man you responded to wasn’t arguing that at all. He was arguing that men don’t respect ONLY FWBs. And that isn’t true at all.

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