1. Avocado. If I manage to find a good one, and if I already do damage to the environment by buying it, then I better enjoy it as much as I can. I love them. And their fats are really good for me.

  2. Yeah kind of... Unfortunately they're really popular in more places than they grow at naturally, so they're being shipped around the world. Which, to be fair, same for bananas. However the bigger issue seems to be the huuuge amounts of water it takes to grow them, and the way the land they grow on can or cannot be used after harvest. Some of these place struggle with water for drinking and basic human needs, so it gets kind of problematic to have luxury food for other countries around the world slurp up the water. Sorry this is not exactly the vocabulary themes I learned so I tried my best to make it make sense 😅

  3. ohh dang :(( well all the more reason to try to grow them at home like I’ve been wanting ☺️

  4. you do an exclamation mark inside of the less than and equal than :)

  5. That I would magically become beautiful and wouldn't have my ugly square face shape

  6. i can't relate. i got mine when i was 13, fattest of my friend group (i was on the heaviest side of healthy bmi but bad fat distribution). the boy was also 13 or 14 and had a crush on me. it was a nice surprise because i wasn't expecting it, being called ugly by other boys in school and all... those were confusing times

  7. I hate it sm. I feel like sometimes if I’m hungry I’m skinny and if I’m full I’m fat / gaining??? Ik it’s super illogical but I feel that way

  8. When I’m hungry I feeel like a desperate animal and like I might accidentally binge at any second

  9. Potato salad- but ya girl just had some tonight!!!!!

  10. I’m scared that I may have lost it and I don’t want to become infertile :/

  11. Do you want revenge? What I would do is for the next two weeks be so so polite to him, almost to an unnerving level. Be caring and kind. Then one day give a very obviously fake excuse for breaking up (“just need some time alone”, “want to move”, anything he can’t argue with and isn’t the real reason) and be COLD AS ICE. He will never get over the sudden switch.

  12. safe but i don’t eat it enough because it doesn’t seem extraordinarily low enough in cals

  13. Accurate emoji representation of BMI 4

  14. Fun fact: I had a dream about writing this exact comment on this exact post word for word but I was lying down on my side instead of sitting up like I am now about a month ago :) and when I woke up I was like “huh, that would be interesting” and I guess I’m magic bc it actually happened XD

  15. wow, im always so intrigued about prophetic dreams and things like that. Kinda makes you think, it’s interesting

  16. Same! I get them almost weekly, probably closer to fortnightly(they are my no means orderly or scheduled tho lol) and I’ve always wondered what caused them.

  17. Yeah whenever I see my grandparents I stop restriction. It makes me feel safe to be around them (usually) and brings me back to childhood

  18. cooking dinner for my family, they think i’m being helpful but my main reasoning is just to control the calories lol

  19. me too 😂 as well as my mental hunger making me OBSESSED w food even if I’m not gonna eat it I wanna make it

  20. Yeah ofc! I will say if you get them delivered like this, there's a good chance you could get them with the film(?) Something still on it that lets you keep them on the counter instead of fridge. Very good for baking hahaha

  21. you do this around the text you want to censor but without the spaces I put

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