1. A 15 point lead can vanish in two minutes in today's NBA.

  2. Even with Donovan, our offense goes ice cold way too often. It's a testament to our defense that our record's as good as it is, but I don't know if it can carry us for 16+ playoff games.

  3. Considering they never even figured out she wasn't the showrunner on "Velma", my hopes aren't high.

  4. Zemeckis is crazy about technology, but he tends to rush it to screen. His CGI movies and the effects in Forrest Gump all aged pretty terribly.

  5. What are the odds the people making these videos also complain about "cancel culture?"

  6. I'm disheartened that no one put up this much of a fuss for the Great Movie Ride being rethemed.

  7. It's incredible how many movies Patton's in. I was purposefully looking up bad trailers, and discovered he was in one space flick that made Space Cop look like it was high budget.

  8. He's never really been in anything huge enough that he could afford not to work for a long time. He's the definition of a working actor.

  9. I've enjoyed it so far. The metal band episode was good but the music they played... I'm not a metal gatekeeper or anything but I don't understand how there was nobody at all anywhere near the set who found it in them to explain that what they were singing wasn't metal by any stretch of the term.

  10. Their old hit and their new hit didn't even sound like the same genre lol.

  11. Is it just an old-school mystery show or are their any Johnson ‘gimmicks’ or subversions? I love the Knives Out for his twists.

  12. It's sort of a mixture of the Knives Out formula and your basic Columbo episode. You see the murder happen just like on Columbo, but then there's a short Knives Out-style flashback to show us that Lyonne's character actually just showed up recently and already knew at least one of the involved parties.

  13. Do NOT read the Facebook comments about this episode if you want to preserve any sense that the human race can be salvaged.

  14. It's become my comfort game. I almost can navigate the Commonwealth without using my map I've played it so many times.

  15. That’s like asking, “What do you think is in McDonald’s chicken McNuggets?” Do you really want to know the answer or do you just want to enjoy it?

  16. Just go to Suffolk County Charter school and you'll see where McNuggets come from.

  17. Become the general of the Minutemen. Summon Minutemen and hide behind a bush in every fight. Let them die instead of you.

  18. There's no problem that can't be solved by hurling thousands of bodies at it.

  19. My deepest wish is he picks "the refs" with his first pick, just so they'll be on his side for once.

  20. As someone who hasn't seen much Cavs games is there a reason he isn't getting consistent minutes? He seemed like he was Bron's "guy" so to say before he left and he seemed like a quality player too.

  21. He has a pretty short leash compared to other guys on the team. One or two blown assignments on defense and he tends to ride the pine the rest of the night.

  22. The Oscars slap video came out less than 2 hours after the actual event if I recall.

  23. The internet as a whole was lightning-quick with the jokes after that slap. We'd been preparing our whole lives for that.

  24. "Tainted Love" was originally by Gloria James, and I honestly prefer her version.

  25. Nardwuar. I can't imagine two more mismatched energies and I'm intrigued to see them combined.

  26. "Small market" and "up and coming" are two phrases I have never heard when describing why these Grizzlies are disliked.

  27. Problem is the refs retaliate against (most) players who express their true candid feelings about massive officiating screw ups by being extra petty and giving fewer calls going forward. So in an effort to prevent that, players try to take the cordial, polite as possible route, which often does absolutely nothing. So they end up damned if they do, damned if they don’t.

  28. I'd like to see him call their bluff. Go right at the league and refs in the midst of chasing Kareem's record.

  29. Part of being rich is being cheap. Or else they’ll just end up going broke. Spending can get addicting. Especially with fuck you money. That’s why it’s a somewhat common occurrence when pro athletes end up broke

  30. He's watched multiple players secure huge bags and squander it all before they've even been out of the league a full decade.

  31. Don't watch this right after watching "Nope". It will ruin it.

  32. Just replayed KH2 and thought the same thing. Like why would Ansem’s computer have that information??

  33. I think they pretty well establish in this game AND KH3 that computers are magic as far as Sora's concerned.

  34. You told me you were dating a white boy; you didn't say you were dating a damn FOOL!

  35. I thought you were asking "Is this a good name" and spent several fruitless minutes looking all over the screenshot for the name.

  36. Trudy never internalized the expectations for women back then to the degree Betty did.

  37. Is this a shitpost, or is this how I find out Rogen is a creep?

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