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  1. I’m black and I don’t find this offensive at all…

  2. I believe it depends on your board, I think ASUs have added curve optimiser and I know Msi have added Kombostrike to uv the x3d. I don’t know about other manufacturers

  3. Do you know if ASUS motherboards have curve optimizer for B550 or just X570?

  4. Gaming performance will be worse than mainstream CPUs due to the single thread performance. This is a dumb idea, and the cost will be massive. You'd be better off but Threadripper+13900k, cheaper total and best gaming system and more than enough productivity for any one user.

  5. That’s cool, but I don’t think threadrippers come with 3d vcache

  6. That motherboard only has 4 DIMM slots and I don't think you'll be able to manage the thermals unless you did custom watercooling for the CPU and GPU.

  7. The first thing you'll have to work out is if all that cache is accessible even though you'll only be using a few cores. Overclocking will also be a requirement, because 3.5ghz turbo clock is not good haha

  8. Yeah I figured that. I wanted to do my research on the Zen 3 EPYC processor with best clock speeds along with a good sweet spot for workstation tasks

  9. Yes I have that motherboard myself. Highly recommend it!

  10. I know who Andrea Tate is, but who’s the other guy on the left??

  11. You mean this case right here or are there a variety of cases in the BP series?

  12. Does anybody else have the urge to just set that on fire and hot box

  13. What’s the song in the background of the commentary??

  14. If this is the wrong subreddit to post this question, does anywhere know which subreddit this is appropriate on?

  15. You should look for a 3090 blower card, doesn't exist for 3090ti tho

  16. Won’t it have worse performance than a 3 slot 3090 due to the fact that it has to be in a lower power usage to compromise for the small cooler?

  17. Where is this at? My friend is good at those things, he's won an iPad and iphone.

  18. Because it ain't running games any faster and it costs much more to produce. Why'd anyone increase production cost for no perf benefits (except for that niche 12core market)

  19. Makes sense, if the 5900x3d had one vcache CCD then it the cache would add up to (32+64) + 32 = 128mb of L3 cache, not 192mb like what the prototype had in AMDs presentation.

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