Texas bill would ban social media for children under 18

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  1. mag. probably ph. i think i just fixed a similar issue. my ph meter had gone off scale. calcium would have yellow leaves, i think more on the lowers.

  2. The food and ingredient quality is trash unless you find the right bbq place or go for highbrow dining.

  3. yep, 9th largest gpd (yes, more successful than Australia) and people are moving here from all over the world to benefit from its success. the biggest city is 60% foreign people....that actually came from another country just to live here, 1st gen.then there is like 1/10th of California that moved here in the last year. not sure what your definition of failure is, but i would guess you come from a place that a mere shit hole compared to TX making you just an ignorant moron.

  4. I know this is very wrong, but I was curious about just how wrong so I looked up some more specific numbers.

  5. how many lives were saved through slavery though? you would need to consider that too. slaves were prisoners of war. first, they would have been slaves in africa or they would have been killed. life expectancy as a slave/POW in africa would have been far less that that of a slave on average who travels the atlantic slave route. it's not fair to make the calculation the way you are. slavery literally saved people's life. life expectancy of a slave in louisiana was about expectancy in say the congo was only 40 years in 1960 and would have been way less long ago and even worse for a slave in africa at that time. there is a very woke movie called the Lady King that just came out that shows what i am talking about. it's not all rainbows and sunshine, but most folks analyze this stuff in the wrong way. for many if you were not a slave, you were dead.

  6. For most people smoking weed enlightens people and opens their mind, for this person it made them incredibly stupid.

  7. apparently not. all it did was make you a stupid asshole.

  8. I’ve run Atlas seeds a few times now and they have been flat out killers as far as germination and growth. I’ve had them sprout in as little as 6 hours. I germinate my seeds in a shot glass of filtered water with a few drops of hydrogen peroxide. The hydrogen peroxide helps to sterilize the water and soften the seed shell. I also sand the two pointy ends just a little bit to help the water to hydrate. has a pretty good article on how to germinate that you may want to take a look at. It’s in the blog section of the menu. Currently growing a Dutch Passion Think Different that looks like she’s gonna be big.

  9. i popped the second one successfully in soil at 82f. been doing this for a long time, but i was surprised the first one didn't pop in the papertowel like most others do. that seed had a small hole in the bottom after inspection.

  10. 100% (around 60 seeds )rate here over a while. Idk maybe lucky but I use to grow extreme hot peppers and they were wayyyyyy more troublesome to germ than cannabis. I’ve had a few stunted seedlings and a few helmet heads but all popped.

  11. i don't get high rates on germination on my veg seeds, except for okra. that seems to be pretty viable. broccoli, lol, i am surprised it still exists. it should be extinct by now, planted like 50 seeds, nothing.

  12. I'm trying to imagine a liquor sub where we have a discussion about how to evade a roadside breathalyzer test so we can drive drunk without worry. - Don't be stupid. Don't drive stoned.

  13. not every one gets stoned from weed. some people can't even get high/intoxicated at all from it. your generalization is offensive. you do know that people take speed/amphetamines everyday that then drive to work, design bridges, do surgery, etc. you probably never once bitched about those high ass motherfuckers.

  14. that will be good for a short time. you might was to wrap in electrical tape like originally rec'd. the tape stretches some so you don't mess up the plant later on when the stem thickens.

  15. sorry, I can't agree that a female that is stressed that throws a few nanners or even a lot and creates some seeds that those seeds are herms....that just isn't true at all. in fact, the said fem seeds mentioned in the video are created in just that way. i have grown these many times. they are almost always fully female. i've had two plants herm at time of flower. one was a La Plata Labs Lemon Alien fem seed that was a runt with no stress another was a NL5xPlumbbud bagseed runt that was notorious for hermaphrodite traits also with no stress. All others have been female. even of the other 120+ bagseeds i grew, some of which came from male:female fertilization, i had over 75% female with no hermaphrodite traits.

  16. Definition of 'Junky' - someone who gathers junk, scrap metal, etc. and sells it to meet their financial needs to support their drug addiction. This word came about in the early 19th century AFAIK. Are you this?

  17. ripper yo. running sour ripper my next go. frost is low. what do you think? smells?

  18. The flowering times that the seed breeders list are pretty much always underestimates unless you're growing with hydroponics.

  19. plant maturity doesn't depend on soil vs. hydro. there might be some valid arguments about lighting type LEV vs HID or timing 12/12 vs 10/14.

  20. Have you ever grown the same genetics in soil and hydro? I doubt it.

  21. the flower time is independent of grow medium. i have grown tons both ways. hydro veges faster and buds are sometimes bigger, but they both finish at the same time.

  22. But who’s happy about this? Who looks at this deal and goes “Even though the world is about to go to war with russia, giving them one of their best and biggest arms dealers in exchange for an allegedly domestically abusive, and drug using athlete is a great idea”

  23. finding edibles that are good for those who don't want sugar, alcohol or fats seems impossible.

  24. i just can't justify paying more than 4o a pack of seeds. i get all sorts of variance, dumb plants, seeds that don't pop ,etc. i wouldn't want to have to pop 3 2o dollar seeds to get a single plant.

  25. Not the cheapest option but they do ship. Seeds here now, Neptune, seeds of love, etc all ship.

  26. etsy is expensive no name no brand reg seeds they charge 35+ for a pack. you cant get packs of known name brand fems in a breeder pack for 35 bucks on nasc. talking out your ass here.

  27. You might of got ripped off like you said.You were probably sold just hemp seed.Sorry to hear that.That sucks.The hemp does not realy have a flower like yiu said.I know what you mean.There are alot of scammers out there selling seeds.Hopefully you can get some good ones for next year.There are alot of places selling seeds right in the usa.Just do your research.Hope you get some good ones next time.

  28. hemp does have flowers. geez...i buy it all the time.

  29. u know I've never had any light burn from led even withing 6 inches of my canopy I'd guess just a bit to much nutrients what's ur ppm in your run off

  30. so, you didn't cross 1100ppfd. ok. i had light burn from blurples years ago in some hot spots. the new stuff with burn the shit out of your plants. i ran 350w of mostly 301bs in a 1.7x3 at about 20 inches from canopy...i got yellowed leaves. once with blurples i got had a bud get to about 14 inches from the light and it turned white. it does happen. too many photons.

  31. Everything I smoke nowadays tastes the same and ho-hum buzz, that includes homegrown and dispo. I really miss the early 80’s.

  32. Outdoor photo sativa dominants and also Indica hybrids. Autos for the first time this year. But not just my grows, others that I know. Legal state.

  33. do you wash your bud? i grow indoor and it's great. even the banana cross was fantastic and distinct in flavor. the barney's farm stuff smelled/tastes just like the ad. it was super accurate.

  34. what is weird is that i have probably seen this before, but in the past 4 months i have seen this more often than any time in the last decade. so much in fact that even my own tent is having this problem. i want it to be a ph issue, but i am suspecting something else. changing ph didn't really do much for my plants...they are still developing more of this issue. no one i have seen recently knows how to stop this.

  35. i use zip ties and recently added pipe cleaners. i get a flat canopy.

  36. i wish people wouldn't support this type of genetics. it's a bastard of bastards. seems like you just got an auto which is what a FAST breed is. it's regular weed x ruderalis/auto....well, how do you think you make autos? guess what, it's regular weed x reuderalis/auto.

  37. What about the US policy to not help drug offenders abroad? What about all the other people that the US forsake that are still being held for low levels pot....what about those who were put to death for a half ounce in indonesia, singapore, malaysia, brunei, china, korea, japan, the middle east, etc?

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