1. We gave the world Justin Beiber and can never apologize enough for it.

  2. Neil Young and Gordon Lightfoot more than make up for it, I think.

  3. I moved out of state in the 90s. When I came back to my hometown in 2005, meth and opioids were everywhere. I heard stories of rural people pimping out and selling their kids and grandchildren for drug money and to drug dealers. The whole damn place went insane while I was gone. I lost many old friends and family members, and others are living dead. It just laid waste to this town. I couldn't believe how fast and devastating it was. After that all bets were off.

  4. Your wife likely has Borderline Personality Disorder. There is literally a book about it titled "Stop Walking on Eggshells". Her behavior sounds very familiar. I feel for you.

  5. Yeah plus she's already devalued him and sounds like she's ready for the discard. If she's not cheating already she's about to. She may be on the way out the door.

  6. This fool bragging about landing a cheater lolol. The level of self-ownage is exemplary.

  7. A fool who spends his day at the computer making dumb signs, nailing socks to them, and hanging them up. A fool who's so immature he has to publicly gloat about getting a woman.

  8. "It's time to grow up." That attitude is the problem here. She thinks people need to think like her or they are immature. This kind of arrogant attitude is the main reason they are holding an alternative event.

  9. Biden's nickname in the 70s and 80s was "Master Charge Joe" because he was such a shill for the credit card companies and other corporate interests in Delaware. Why did people think he'd stand for anything else but corporations?

  10. I think the Mexicans will probably get away pretty easily while Bubba fumbles with his hatchet and starts feeling chest pains.

  11. My Kizlyar Phoenix Combat U-8 knife. If it's enough for Russian bears and boars, it'll do for zombies.

  12. Most of these look like they came from an 80s Happy Meal anyhow.

  13. Jackals. I really liked it, and I'm an extremely jaded horror/slasher fan who doesn't tend to like newer horror.

  14. How can they go that long without washing and not be driven insane by the itching? I can't stand more than one day.

  15. In Ontario the one starting the fight consents to the fight. Not sure how that affects laying charges on them though.

  16. I thought Canadians were too nice to fight outside of the hockey rink. Damn the American media is lying to me again.

  17. And they can't even do it right. You're smelling pants, not a butt! You're smelling a shoe, not a foot!

  18. Have you seen the one where she demonstrates all the areas you can use it? She shoves her disgusting foot right at the camera, looks like it's coming to get me, gross!

  19. That foot looks like she dropped a pallet of auto parts on it. .

  20. Chik-Fil-A. Boring, bland food which tends to be eaten by smug, self-righteous people.

  21. My great-grandfather coincidentally had just traded around and ended up with a big delivery van style truck as the Depression hit. He always said it was only that truck which saved them from starving, as few people in our area had one and he was always able to make some money with it.

  22. I've owned a Les Paul since 1984. Never once have I had a desire to take a photo of it with a watch.

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