1. I learned to weld on a Forney just like that. I thought I had repressed those memories, guess not. Thanks.

  2. Did they not explain to their people the concept of 'mutually assured destruction' and how any nuke launched would have multiple landing on the launcher before it ever landed? Seems kind of dumb to support using nukes when you will for sure get nuked.

  3. Battlefield nukes are a different story. Not talking ICBMs.

  4. I have a rikon. If I were buying today, I would go for the Laguna.

  5. He’s just looking for a way out, probably defect while he was there.

  6. How do you put out wall fires when being attacked ? Thanks.

  7. While you are being actively attacked you can't do much, but after you have to repair the wall, takes 30 mins to heal a fixed health amount, so it might take 3/4 30 minutes repair session to get it back to full health, but after you will be fine.

  8. Thanks, isn’t there a way to put out fires with gems ?

  9. Used to be the credit card thing was sold to businesses in order to avoid taking checks and risk getting them bounced. A small fee to avoid the risk bad checks.

  10. Many beneficial insects use the hollow stems to over winter in.

  11. Good for home use, as a carpenter you will need something a little more modern. Variable speed and quick change blades for a start.

  12. Whenever you want, they are decorative, no ?

  13. And a side arm ? Must be going to make him an officer.

  14. That landscape is certainly not pockmarked, must be new advances.

  15. An AR-15 is NOT an assault rifle. Its a semi auto .223 like any other

  16. How many semi auto .223s are there not in an AR platform ?

  17. Drums out front ? They do that all the time ?

  18. I'm old and don't want Any business near a battlefield . PS. My brother served two tours in Vietnam as a Marine. Still messed up in the head and a Republican. Go figure.

  19. Sorry to hear of his troubles. My take, from those I know, is that generation has a huge mistrust of the government. This partially stems from how they were treated and how the war was waged. They want to burn it down.

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