1. He wasn’t hunting, he just ran across something he could pull his handgun out on. He has been waiting for a reason.

  2. What rpm is that motor ? Looks like a 1:1 speed ratio. Is it going too fast ?

  3. One tip. Folks with motor homes need cutting boards made to fit. They also need a rubber bottom so they don’t slide around. Find a dealer and see what sizes would fit their inventory, make a few for them to stock.

  4. Is a Pontiac Vibe as good as a Toyota ? Daughter had one, very dependable.

  5. I have an old clothes dryer fan that does this. I also have a shop vac on the table saw and radial arm saw that is wired so they come on with the saws. That works very well. I use a respirator when sanding.

  6. I assume the left is curved ? The inside will also be off, making a door difficult. I suggest recessing a bolt and nut.

  7. I’m worried about the vertical grain on the “hook” parts. If you have enough wood I suggest doubling that area with the grain running horizontally.

  8. Which one yields the best results ? Shirley you have enough length to try them both.

  9. Have democratic houses ever done this to Republican administrations ?

  10. I have that planer, grab some knives on Amazon. They are getting hard to find, and shops don’t like to sharpen them.

  11. I sharpened my own joiner blades but haven't tried my planer. Is it possible to do it myself or is that not a good idea?

  12. They are very thin and double edged. I think it would be very difficult.

  13. I think the screw needs to be on the raised portion. I used to use tape but I switched to stops, the tape will be inconsistent if you do a bunch.

  14. Originally a curry comb for a horse. Don’t know what it’s used for now with the pole. Maybe a tall horse.

  15. I like it. I wouldn’t be afraid to use that one. Some of the ones I see made look too nice to use. No offense.

  16. They need to raise that bottom board. What ? They think the bulls are going to crawl under ?

  17. Good job. As a retired junior high shop teacher I give you a a solid “B+” on that. Those corners could be better.

  18. Rabbeted box joint. Cut the rabbets first. The groove goes in the rabbets.

  19. Oh for fuck sake, dont compare dogs to rocket launchers and pistols, dogs can be trained so that shit does not happen every trainer in this world will tell you that pitbulls are like any other dog how you raise them determens the personality, and if you dont know how to train them then dont get them, but stop saying "iTs tHE DoGS FaUlt" you are an idiot if you truly believe that it isnt the owners fault.

  20. And retrievers don’t retrieve, pointers don’t point and shepards don’t …well, herd.

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