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  2. More than anything I just wish it had an effect on the game after you played it. There are a lot of good points here about stuff during the war but it's very immersion breaking for me to win the war and then have everyone still talk like it's happening. Maybe have the people who would have talked about their side and things like that switch to talking about the result, how they wish their side would have won, effects, etc

  3. I had her try to contact me many times after going NC. Eventually after blocking two emails and her phone number, when she contacted me from a third email, I decided to respond. I told her what she had done for me to cut her off and told her that if she wanted to have a chance at reestablishing contact, she would need to do a lot of self-reflection, sincerely apologize for all she had done, and the biggest thing, leave me alone until I was ready to contact her. I told her that I would probably not be ready to talk for a while, because I was not in an emotional spot to speak to her. I knew going in she wasn't going to listen. I sent it because I wanted to be sound in my decision and knowledge that she would not change and was not willing to do so, and so I could bring it up if anyone in my family decided to be a shit about cutting her off - "hey, I tried to fix it and she refused." Surprise surprise, she didn't respond well and I blocked her a few months after she responded.

  4. You probably want to call someone at the school about this but I'm not sure who

  5. Honestly ask when you get there. People are pretty happy to help and literally everyone is confused when they first get there, there are so many buildings with so many rooms lol

  6. I just had to build a lot of confidence myself when this happened to me. I still haven't, fully, but I'm working on it. Aeropostale has a lot of comfy basics that come in a lot of sizes and you can usually find stuff that's fairly cheap there. I don't have a ton of fashion tips but I will say I used to dress between full casual and business casual a lot and I was very comfortable in with that

  7. Stretch marks are the most normal things in the world! Treat them accordingly.

  8. My dad asked me if I had a rush when he saw mine the other day LMAO

  9. Oh and it’s an isolation room and when you look around no one is around for miles and miles

  10. And you're in the last room in the hall so you have to go alllllll the way down for more

  11. isn't more a begging the question fallacy than a circular reasoning one? just trying to be annoyingly pedantic here.

  12. I think it could kind of be both? The circular reasoning is sort of implied, though, with the circle being that "homosexuality is caused by homosexuals grooming kids" with the "circle" being that if that is the case, how did LGBT people come about in the first place?

  13. Thankfully most of the comments seem to be about her hitting him and dragging her for it.

  14. When I ask” is there anything else I can get for you?” And the reply is “sure, a million dollars”. I’ve heard this so often, I considered making a bill with a $1,000,000 denomination with my face on it, just to complete their request.

  15. I asked a man "do you need anything else" and he said "yeah, you" 🤮🤮🤮

  16. Wasn't it 180 days in advance for ADRs before? And 60 days for FP+? Seems like it's way more spontaneous person friendly now, though the 60 day ADRs still suck.

  17. You were able to book FP 60 days but you didn't have to for most rides. We got passes day before/morning of for most things.

  18. But now you can get passes for everything morning-of. I haven't been back since they reopened but I hated FP+ for exactly the reasons you are complaining about LL so I'm not trying to argue, just trying to figure out what is worse about the current system for when I go next time.

  19. I haven't been back either but from what I've heard about LL it's more like "get on and pick rides at 3am day of" vs "you can pick most everything around 10-11 and be fine, but you may need to pick at 8am for certain rides"

  20. People are so overdramatic about the Masons. My dad is one and I used to go play in the back room of the building during their meetings. It's literally just a bunch of old men wearing suits, reading some scripture, and eating some snacks together. Not that interesting tbh, I was always bored AF lol

  21. As a patient, I have zero idea whether the person coming into my room is a nurse or CNA. Zero. I push a button, someone comes into the room, I tell them why I pushed the button.

  22. My hospital (I'm a tech) has different roles in different colored scrubs, which I think helps patients a lot. Of course many still don't know the difference, but it is nice to be able to tell them that anyone wearing the same color as me is a tech.

  23. Honestly they need to do something drastic. I’m sure I’ll be told it’s not feasible, but they might need to take a Steel Vengeance-level of care ensuring people don’t have phones on the ride. I know they catch it and have security take people out of the park when it happens, but it still happens every single day, ruining people’s trips. Someone will get badly hurt soon. I hope the park can take preventive actions instead of just hoping people won’t want to risk get escorted out.

  24. At this point it's a ticking time-bomb for someone getting seriously hurt. People don't take it seriously at all.

  25. Right? My cats are terrible at being cats, so whatever they do, I just assume normal cats do the opposite… It took 3 minutes of inspecting our first born before they realized they wanted no part of that.

  26. The cat my parents had when I was born had to be rehomed because she would not stop trying to smother me

  27. Lmao my CEO is 8th on the list of highest paid for nonprofits. I'm a tech and I make $16.50 an hour. How wonderful.

  28. I totally believe a 14yo did this. Kids today are the best. I hear teens call out bigotry more often than adults, and I love them for it. 🥰

  29. I once had a group of middle school boys threaten to beat up a man who was following/videoing me lol. They told me about it and were very upset that it had happened, helped me report it to the librarian (happened in a library) and were so sweet about it.

  30. CBT has helped me in that I can more closely examine my thoughts now and I can catch thoughts that will lead to a spiral more than I could before. But in the end I was still doing very poorly no matter how much CBT I did and it didn't undo the trauma that was the root issue. Luckily I had a very nice CBT therapist who was mature enough to tell me that she didn't think she could help me anymore, and so I went to a specialist who eventually sent me to EMDR. EMDR is the best thing that ever happened to me, it's already helped so much!! If you're thinking about getting EMDR but not sure, do it!

  31. You advisor is probably going to be the best person to ask about this, I would make an appointment with them soon

  32. Awesome thank you! I’ve been trying to figure it out but couldn’t really find anything

  33. I always take everything out of my fanny pack, fold it up, and put it in my waistband. Works fine

  34. this is a repost, not sure if it's from this sub but I've defo seen it before

  35. I found this on yelp, may have been uploaded somewhere else. Promise it is not just copy and paste.

  36. That's fair. Not saying you stole it, just that someone else has also posted it. I don't think reading reviews of coasters is that weird lol and this is a funny one

  37. These are the vids I used and I passed. Also have a friend quiz you on the steps of the skills

  38. I've gotten close, I will say I have been completely immobilized from them before (literally collapsed on the ground)

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