1. Knowing Niantic, it'll be stuck in elite raids or they'll release it in legendary raids without the shiny

  2. IVs don't actually matter that much.

  3. Might have to crack open the Archives for that one, fam.

  4. They put the birds in the daily incense to push people to use it daily so it collects them more data to sell. It gave the sense of FOMO if you didn't use the daily incense.

  5. Leon would’ve looked fine had they given him pants instead of shorts that are smaller than my will to live.

  6. If you believe that leveling up can be inappropriately boosted just by a decrease in time taken to send and open gifts, you seem to have critically forgotten that leveling up in this game, as it exists right now, is decidedly NOT trivialized simply by reducing the amount of time players spend on navigating the friend menu interface. Level 40-50 quests exist, as do other factors like gift inventory size and the basic question of whether the two parties are exchanging gifts daily.

  7. Almost all QoL improvements could be argued as making the game easier by anyone. Namely, those who feel like the work they’ve put in doesn’t feel as rewarding anymore just because something they’ve had to do for however long they’ve been playing isn’t necessary anymore, assuming it’s directly gameplay related. That notion in itself is pretentious and self-centered considering the massive amount of other people who play this game.

  8. Maybe the top comments have changed since you wrote this, because this is the first comment I've seen disagreeing with OP

  9. After reading it over the following morning, I realized I missed a good amount of issues. Namely, the Zorua fiasco. Downfalls of writing the equivalent of a small novel at 3 am lol.

  10. I've been having this issue all day. iPhone 12 Pro Max, latest iOS update. I had to reset the app at least 4 times throughout my play session this evening because at some point, I just wouldn't get spawns. Reset the app, boom, spawns. Getting real tired of seeing the spinning pokeball in the top left corner when it was just working and then it decides "eh, I'm done spawning things now. Reset me to fix me or suffer"

  11. My assumption is it's one UB every hour excluding Nihilego since it'll be in raids already. Essentially just 6 raid hours without any new content.

  12. A good QoL update they should push is a sound when one appears just like in Legends Arceus. That would help a ton. I'd imagine it's coming at some point but time will tell.

  13. I think it's too early for gen 8's full release with Grookey, Scorbunny & Sobble. Especially since pokemon go's 6th anniversary didn't even showcase them, but rather Rowlet, Cyndaquil & Oshawott, which have ties to hisui.

  14. I think that's what's irritating me the most. They've gone head first into Legends Arceus mons rather than Gen 8 which came 2 1/2 years before it did. It makes no sense to me, honestly.

  15. Since gen 5, they never seem to completely finish a generation before moving to a new one.

  16. This hurts my ODC and ADHD almost to the point of actual pain. Holy hell

  17. What's really pissing me off is the fact that they took legendaries out of the breakthrough boxes to put them in GBL, only to not get any legendaries from GBL.

  18. This is like putting a bandaid on a cut that actually needs stitches. Niantic, you’re absolutely pathetic.

  19. I just had Korean for the first time at a place on Pendleton Pike. Hey, Reddit, what's it called? It's 2mi-ish NE from 465, on the SE side of the road, in a strip. Quite a dive by looks, but very good.

  20. As someone who's has some Korean DNA, I'm glad you liked the food! I'm a sucker for kimchi. I'll take note of that place. I live right by Sisters in Greenwood but it's rather pricy. I can make a lot of it muuuuch cheaper at home and get kimchi at an asian food market.

  21. The one on emerson by walmart, i dont believe they are affiliated just goofy asian restaurant naming

  22. Was just about to ask which one as I know there's one off Smith Valley by Little Caesars lol.

  23. They've spent the whole season with us slowly evolving cosmog

  24. Hmm. I doubt they'd release Cosmog's/the entire evolutionary line's shiny forms, as much as I'd love to believe it. I'd also love to be proven wrong on that. A raid day makes more sense, now that you mention it. What that would be is questionable, though.

  25. True, I wouldnt have picked its shiny form releasing, I more meant just the ability to catch more of them

  26. I could see an absolute uproar if they call it a raid day or research day and not have a shiny form with raid/research day shiny odds. So if it's one of those, I don't think it would be Cosmog or the two final evos. It would probably be something different. But again, I'd love to see them release the shiny form like that.

  27. I can't think of a single person who actually cares about these since it's Hoopa again and the bonus either doesn't work or gives one "rare" spawn that's bad enough to laugh at.

  28. Lots of other people claiming they only got 1 rare spawn

  29. So what you're telling me is I don't have to go outside tomorrow? Sweet. I knew those "rare" spawns either wouldn't work or be exciting. Not going out just to get another Hoopa, either lol it's freezing out. New or old legendary? Sure. Hoopa? Not a chance in hell lol

  30. There is one in Greenwood that I go by several times a week and I swear I never see any customers in there. Plus when I once went in just to check it out the owner couldn't have been less interested in selling me a mattress. You may be on to something there.

  31. If it’s the one by Rural King, I bought not one but two mattresses from there. They were both awful. Sunk in after a month or so. They ended up in the dump. Can’t really say I’m surprised

  32. Refuse to work? I'm confused, do you mean participate?

  33. Negative. This also applies to elite raids that my local community experienced. We always do CD and we did the last elite raids. From the time I started playing with them, which started with Deino CD, none of the after-raid bonuses worked for us. Keep in mind, there’s 10+ of us together.

  34. What about for a good chunk of us that it flat out refuses to work for any CD lol no spawns, no spawn changes, no nothing.

  35. I think they should just guarantee an egg from a gift all the time if space is available.

  36. Happened to me this morning. Opened 6 gifts without getting an egg. I'm like, we only get 30 openings a day. Why am I going through almost a third of them and not getting an egg? It's ridiculous.

  37. Is a 1/5th really nearly a 1/3rd? All for the should always have an egg but let’s be a little more accurate.

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