1. I’m surprised the police don’t do more of that kind of thing. Bait cars are already in use. A bait package or bait bike would be much less expensive. I suppose they just don’t want to clog up the system with a bunch of petty theft charges…

  2. Could be labeled as entrapment for setting up bait like that and get some of the cases thrown out.

  3. Simply put, not really. That is a brutal amount of money for 2/3.

  4. Probably could squeeze from the BTN instead of calling since it's 5 handed, could also raise flop or bet turn when checked to. If he calls the raise on the flop, sets up a good-sized jam on the turn.

  5. Use a laptop or PC to connect and display the tournament clock, no other way to my knowledge.

  6. Mostly because I spent a lot of time and effort making that profit just to have it all taken by a 20% favorite.

  7. This is a horrible mentality and I hope you move past this, otherwise poker may not be for you.

  8. Wow 20 whole hours!! What a significant sample size. 😊

  9. What if it goes like “I usually play higher stakes, but I lost almost all of my money”

  10. This was me last night lol. Went from playing 5/5 and 10/10 to 1/2 and 1/3 because of a 3 month downswing, bankroll says I can't play bigger so here I am. Everyone saw me playing bigger games all the time and asked me what I was doing playing with them at 1/2.

  11. Lol yes exactly, the dealers have said the same thing to me. Something along the lines of "didn't expect to see you at this table" or "just waiting for a seat at the bigger game to open up?" Thanks, I needed that information out there. 😂 Or they look down at the plaque to see what game they are dealing and then give you a confused look like, "wtf are you doing here?"

  12. Why did you not want anything crazy with Aces? Do you hate money?

  13. "My Aces always get cracked when the chips touch the rack!!"

  14. This is what the app looks like when you only log your winning sessions lol. Gtfo

  15. Thanks these are just test videos for graphics and audio

  16. If that was truly the case then good job, some of the sound effects and added excitement was a little much. I get that you have to make it entertaining and poker vlogs are hard to stand apart from the countless others out there, but the second you added the American Airlines bit I stopped watching. Good luck to you and keep at it.

  17. This was very cringe lol. Zero analysis needed or interesting parts of this hand.

  18. I guess the QQ was hoping you both had AK or AQs maybe. 6 bet jamming QQ that many BBs deep seems a little nuts to me.

  19. Probably can make that ROI in one night lol. Wasn't F1 in Miami an absolute whale fest for Hard Rock and Coconut Creek down there? I mean if not it would still be a really cool experience and worth it overall regardless.

  20. I don't think playing balanced is necessary at all in low to medium stakes live poker. Most of your opponents won't remember their own two cards an orbit later let alone what actions you took with a specific hand on a specific board lol. Play max exploitative poker and just print money.

  21. Why are you folding to such a small straddle raise and when two of the other limpers call and the blinds probably will to. You're getting amazing odds to call preflop and get to play the rest of the hand in position against loose passive fish lol. Bad fold and your attitude sucks like you're superior to everyone for limp folding to a tiny raise.

  22. Donk overbet jam pretty strong, easy fold and onto the next hand. You're losing to all the flushes and boat combos out there. Raising pre-flop to isolate is okay if you think you can get some folds, otherwise you're playing post flop OOP with KJo against two people.

  23. This is super fucked, instead of having to stack off to hero call a river jam you get to pay a small fee and see it anyways? Pretty grimy by the website as a cash grab.

  24. No, lol he was just partying last night for Halloween. All over his IG story

  25. Maybe they assume you have a fundamental level of A+ or Net+ type knowledge already before challenging the exam? I haven't taken it so can't say for sure but based on your port question might be the case.

  26. Feel like it should be "Cosmotology Consultant" instead..

  27. You’re not wrong but there’s also consideration that you don’t want to play big pots out of position.

  28. Which is why we raise a tighter range from earlier to not play big multiway pots out of position with weak. Unless of course you are very comfortable playing postflop and feel like you have an edge over the general passiveness of live low stakes.

  29. I change my open sizes depending on the table's propensity to call with garbage, but I don't think I could ever raise different amounts according to my hand strength. Surely even the dimmest idiot would notice that.

  30. People forget their own cards during the hand, they won't remember what amount you raised with AA or 67s lol.

  31. Tentatively approving as it's been a while since we've had one of these posts. Also, there are already 100+ comments, so that meets the bar of "professionals enjoy insightful discussions around it" (rule #3).

  32. I personally think a quarterly salary transparency thread would be extremely helpful for everyone, just worried about validity of the data if people aren't truthful about their comp, YoE, education, certs etc. I've seen similar instances for other career info where the data was collected through Google forms and disseminated via Google sheets. All the relevant info would have to be standardized somehow such as: location, title/duties, total comp, benefits, YoE, education, certs etc.

  33. You have a decent background but it’s hard to say without knowing your hard skills. How well do you know windows? Linux? Can you script? What languages?

  34. Are you referring to Bash and Powershell? How important would you say that is as a hard skill?

  35. You should be betting to take it down on the flop. It's a raised pot and there's very little that they would have actually hit here that would have called preflop in the BB, and draws are getting charged a lot to continue often with the sizing.

  36. That flop is all over the BB calling range preflop, for value we have besides overpairs, small pairs that turned into sets, and low suited connectors. I don't disagree with the solver blasting the flop and especially turn to try to get folds but BB does have a decent continuing range here.

  37. I think limping in live cash and tournaments can be used as an exploitative strategy. For example, I've limped in live cash playing deep 5/5/10 with a BTN straddle, limped KK first to act in the SB because there was a guy UTG who was raising to $100 with any two. Another splashy guy in the HJ 3bets to $350 to isolate. I 4bet all in for around $1400 and both called, UTG with KQs and HJ with 77. Ran it twice because that's what they wanted, scooped both.

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