1. Please lower your expectation from English media specially print.

  2. Maybe for you "myth" is word to describe/demean a pagan culture,which doesn't fit in the Abrahmic definition of religion or maybe you believe hinduism should be erased from the face of earth.

  3. In your world view they might be hypocrite but it's natural for them... this is who they are

  4. Exactly...they don't miss any chance to mock our culture but at same time they want to be part of it... it's like kicking a Murti and then worshipping it.

  5. Why Now? He has using a PR group associated with AAP

  6. U have to find out who is behind this hastag

  7. He has some kind of fantasy, i guess πŸ˜‚

  8. I'm fed up with global media. Now i don't take them seriously.

  9. I think by Bhubaneswar you mean New Bhubaneswar.

  10. Old Town roads are horrible but not sure about the power cuts.

  11. This organisation is so bad that sometimes it feels like it's the creation of BJP.

  12. Tamil politics is the most divisive politics in India.

  13. What will be the name of the organisation to collectively punish upper caste women? Ans - ambedkarite r****t Organization

  14. His son Rahul bhat was a friend of David Headley

  15. And still People blame india for supporting Russ

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