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  1. that's the city's problem isn't it. i pay property taxes to maintain public spaces and parks and it's because of these people's selfishness that we can't even step foot in our parks without feeling safe. no one, no exceptions, should be able to monopolize public space like that and not just monopolize it, trash it and leave it in a state that isn't conducive for others' use.

  2. love how straight up inhumane

  3. Actually yes these homeless people are entitled, they think they’re entitled to occupy public space for their own benefit and deny that benefit to the broader public. I’m even starting on the negative impacts to the general public and surrounding area they cause as everyone knows what those are (hint: the novotel and esplanade)

  4. Entitlement is when your only shelter gets destroyed in the coldest coming months.

  5. like you can literally girlmode and live a happy life but instead you’re being stupid and regarded and being scared of literally nothing

  6. thought you were the kid from home alone im sorry

  7. This kind of thing just furthers stereotypes about trans people.

  8. also the short part just seems like… denying short men?

  9. That thing is called a large bone anthropometer, and it costs almost $300. The peace of mind is worth every penny tho

  10. 4tran should crowd-source one and then take turns using it

  11. its fake, you can see turret being a cut out part of the balista

  12. I commonly wish I lived in the UK, just because in America the desserts are insanely over sugary and can't handle them. I prefer to make all of my baked goods less sweet and from what I've heard and tried, Brit cuisine is my heaven.

  13. I moved to Canada from UK (yes the food culture with America is so comparable), and like if I wanted to get a cheap snack from the grocery store, in the UK I would have SOOOOO many options. Yogurt and granola cups for a pound, refrigerated chicken bites or chicken skewers, one pound burgers, boiled eggs, scotch eggs, savoury, bitter, light or heavy, and of course sweet. Over here, it’s only sugar as an option.

  14. It is if these people assume all drag performers are pedophiles trying to abuse kids.

  15. Want to point out, in 2012 Putin made it illegal to talk about “LGBT Propaganda” to “protect kids”.

  16. Oh my god please stop shitting up the sub with your annoying narcissism

  17. I swear, the only thing I ever see really big D&D fans like this do in

  18. mind boggling they come to a sub about more ttrpgs other than dnd but still just want to complain whenever someone points out a flaw in dnd

  19. I think the problem with 5E is the culture around it: the expectation of wish fulfillment from players, the absolutely insane amount of content for it (much of which comes with expectations of use by players), the fact that AL/organized play encourages drop-in play while a GM will have to work with whoever shows up, the fact that AL/organized play has so many (stupid) rules to make it work, the push/pull between narrative and combat...

  20. TTRPGs will flourish when even a fraction of the people who play DND actually try anything else. Feels like the amount of players who do though is less than 1%.

  21. i like 2 and you could also throw something on over it like a cropped jacket or parka

  22. gonna be mean, but i feel like this has happened to you like 6 times in this past year, with at least one of them you talking about the temptation of being unfaithful just to get... free food?

  23. this is what western conservatives want

  24. i wonder if you can seek asylum somewhere progressive?

  25. joanne is a linguistics teacher in a sudbury school, she hates her job, hates her wife and hates her life

  26. I tried to play the classic, the graphics and no tutorial threw me off, so I decided to wait for this, and that’s entirely okay.

  27. hi anon, your hairline whilst high, seems to be curved - which means it passes. your face whilst long seems to have little empty space - which means it passes.

  28. i dont think i have a desire to be, meat is so ingrained into my diet, but i have cut it back significantly.

  29. Just because I just started my medical journey doesn’t mean I haven’t been openly out as trans for a long time and a part of the community…. I’ve been identifying as male since I was about 15. It took me years to grow confident and comfortable enough to come out to my father who always wanted a little girl and I am his only child. I didn’t come here to start shit, I misunderstood and was attacked instead of educated so I acted defensively for which I will apologize AGAIN.

  30. no but it absolutely does mean you are incredibly inexperienced. your comments have proved that over and over.

  31. I’m not acting like a saint… a saint wouldn’t apologize and admit their wrong doings. I admitted those and have learned something new. That seems like something that should be acknowledged.

  32. I gotta add the Scottish to that too.

  33. Wils You stil be fans evebs if 5 people me 😿😿😿😿

  34. This is an issue has been flagged by the mod team and we are working on ways to resolve this in the least destructive manner for all parties involved.

  35. Enforce flairs onto people. Either stop them from posting if they have no flair, or get a bot to reply to every comment.

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