1. Ramy Curry Chopan Bonac Valliere Labrada Walker Piana’s ghost Pisslord Genova Cbum

  2. 1.ramy 2.nick 3.brandon 4.hadi 5.derek 6.hunter 7.bonac 8.iain 9.samson 10.andrew(jacked)

  3. Hire a coach or get on gear if you want to get bigger. Sounds like you aren't eating enough

  4. Alllllright you guys, I wanna hear what you think in the comment section down below. Proceeds to go back and forward on the same comment for 5 mins So that’s gonna wrap up the video for today guys, please like and subscribe if you did in fact like the video. Until next time Nick’s Strength and Power, signing out.

  5. Don't forget to check out nicks strength and pokemon!

  6. 🎶I wanna talk to Samson!🎶

  7. She shared it because peak week is already insanely hard add having your spouse tell you they want a divorce thats insane that she even finished prep. I could barely function the weeks after I was told my spouse wanted one. Mightve helped her cut though. I could barely eat when mine happened.

  8. So you're saying it was an attempt of fishing for sympathy?

  9. There's already a huge difference! Keep going! You're doing great and doing it the healthy way.

  10. Was off roading in the snow going down a hill and a buddy behind me slid and gave me a bump. There’s not really a deep scratch that’s just the reflection above it. I’m just wondering if it’s worth it to go through insurance or just head over to a body shop and see what they can do.

  11. You have a few options: 1.Use your buddies insurance since he hit you 2.Use your own insurance to not lose a friend 3.forget about it and when people call your extreme off road vehicle a highway princess, you can point at it and say "I actually offroad it" out of pocket for a bodyshop to get it out.

  12. Nope - literally just weight loss. I’d say if you want to see what your bone structure looks like attempt to get between 10-15% body fat if male

  13. What a great transformation! Honestly you look more masculine and healthier! Congrats my guy.

  14. Can you post a rental link? I live in Az, would love to stay here

  15. From someone who was married for 8 years and made the mistake of putting the little prick as a priority in my life, don't do it.

  16. Yup. 8 years wasted here. Crazy how many people I've seen with similar stories

  17. First off. Congrats on the progress so far that is huge! Secondly. She doesn't give a shit about your knees and you wouldn't see that until you were under 10% bf and even then it goes by genetics. My guy you need to just do what you want get to that goal of 180 and just make sure you are making her feel wanted and attractive and reassuring her that the weight loss doesn't mean you are going anywhere. But DO NOT STOP because she is insecure. You will resent her for making you stop. Just stay on course hit that goal of 180 and make your girl as happy as you can.

  18. Does he??? The amount of food I'm eating I was like it's gotta be easier to drink all this. Lmao

  19. He literally blends every meal. Dude has supreme gut genetics too.

  20. What are these calf secrets and how do I find them?

  21. Anyone with a brain knows to buy crypto and move into cold storage away from exchanges.

  22. Your board looks great Get better parents for your nephew

  23. Your concern should be falling in love with such a handsome guy standing outside your door. It's like a plot from and 80s romcom

  24. So were you symptomatic when you were playing golf? Or when you were squatting in the gym in your last video?

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