1. Looks great! I’ll use it to send an invoice today for sure 🤩

  2. I'm actually working on a tool that will do exactly what you're asking for. It's called Budgetboard, it's still in an early stage but you can check it out on

  3. Alternatively you could also look at external services like Pusher if you do want to use a serverless platform

  4. I actually agree. I like the idea of something animated there but I think it could be better executed.

  5. Oof yeah that’s tough. I’ll have a look at it sometime in the next couple of days, interesting challenge. If I’m able to come with something, I’ll let you know

  6. I think this is not a question that anyone here is able to answer, because there's a lot of variables missing to calculate the costs. What's the expected traffic? What kind of specific features do you need from both platforms? How many people need access (Vercel bills per team member)?

  7. The technology that enables this is called Hot Reloading, and is enabled by default in most modern frontend frameworks like for example React and Vue.

  8. It may depend on your skill level, but why are you starting with the technology before you know the project? As a freelancer myself, I always try to understand the scope of the project first before picking a technology, because both the MERN stack and Next.js are not a one-size-fits-all solution. Why limit yourself? If you know Next.js, why not go for the broader category of React projects? This might also open up more opportunities instead of just looking for Next.js or MERN specific ones.

  9. Yeah that sounds dodgy, I would definitely not upload my passport details to a hosting provider

  10. A export default is what you import using import SomeThing from "./some-thing". However, it is completely unrelated to the filename, or other contents of the file. For example:

  11. Some newer hosting platforms are very well suited for what you’re describing. Take a look at

  12. The concepts and way of thinking about building an app are basically the same. You can use all the hooks you already know. The difference is, instead of returning html, you return React Native components, eg instead of ‘return hi!’ you’d ‘return hi!’.

  13. It’s not html, it’s JSX which !== html.

  14. True, but my point was that you cannot use span, p, div, etc., which are HTML elements. Both React and React Native return JSX, but the elements you can use in each are very different.

  15. I just quickly checked it out, and it seems like for the example of Bulbasaur, there’s a 13th move that doesn’t have a ‘move’, ‘type’, or ‘level’ - these are all ‘undefined’.

  16. Happy to help! About 10 years of experience, mainly in frontend

  17. Today I learned that Tailwind's website is also an open source Next.js app!

  18. Lol yes many edits. That's the crux of the issue; I'm unsure of what types of projects to look for/do. As for technologies, def want to stick to old fashion websites.

  19. Okay maybe to reframe the question; what makes you want to become a UI developer in the first place? What made you ask the question?

  20. I started with the basics of fullstack web (Udemy + Coursera) to get a general idea. Through that, I realized I was more drawn to--and better at-- frontend. I enjoyed projects that required both coding and design. I had a great time playing with CSS.

  21. Thanks a lot for the extra details, interesting background you have!

  22. It's slightly different because you could still create achieve the the exact same styling using either box-sizing value.

  23. That's not completely true, you can definitely make things look (slightly) different depending on which value you go with, just click around in the CSS demo here to notice the difference:

  24. It’s an object that’s being returned, with two properties separated by a comma. See it like this:

  25. As others mentioned, Framer Motion is great, but HeadlessUI, by the Tailwind team, also comes with a nice Transition component

  26. @next/font works with both the pages/ and app/ directories.

  27. I stand corrected in that case, I’m fairly confident that you have a better grasp of the matter than I do! :)

  28. What the error tells me, is that the font loader expects ‘fs’ to be there, which is a Node module. However, if it’s not there, it means the file _app.ja doesn’t run in a Node environment, so in the browser instead.

  29. There’s a few of them, and my list might not be exhaustive:

  30. Ohhh. Now I understand. Thanks :D BTW How do I handle loading states without useQuery on NextJS 12?

  31. You could do this by checking if the prop is defined or not - ‘undefined’ means loading, defined means that the getServerSideProps request has finished. Just make sure you’re not returning ‘undefined’ from getServerSideProps, but ‘null’ instead if you need to.

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