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  1. Why are you in this sub if you don’t believe in the play? Sounds like you are just trying to sew doubt. It won’t work!

  2. Sowing doubt? What about those who sowed FOMO and caused millions to hold bags and continue to add to their bags? What makes you so sure that the fomo posts are not Wall Street promoting buying their bags?

  3. I won’t ban people from this sub But I got to ask. why do care so much about our money. Sounds to me like you are here because you are being paid too. That’s all the DD I need to know your bosses are Fuked. You have a great day, hope I helped your post count bonus.

  4. None of the normal signs matter, it was all bullshit to get people to believe a stock was going in a certain direction so dumb money would buy in, little did dumb money know just how fuckin pathetically corrupt these Aholes are!

  5. I know I am a retardant ape but now I am confused retardant ape. I thought the DD shows MOASS has been and is tomorrow at 2pm? Have I missed some new DD?

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