1. All videogame references: Beatsaber, Epic Roller Coasters, and possibly Mission ISS

  2. Its 100x better on PC with the VR mods tho. If that version came to PSVR2 id buy it for the 9th time

  3. I made a prototype game similar to this but in a doctors office and your hands were flaccid penis's. I called it "Dr Dickens"

  4. I’ve got this game 3 times now for free and still haven’t completed the first mission.

  5. you'll have to drop the res down to like 50% on every game(will looks slighty better than Q2 at full res), its got better comfort but is a little janky with software and controllers. I always revert back to my Q2 for ease of use

  6. I have a hololens at work. It should be worth about $50, its pretty useless

  7. Got one. Surprisingly 3 hours later there still in stock everywhere

  8. Just pre ordered mine from eb games in AUS, feels good not getting fcked over by scalpers for once.

  9. I was 100% certain that was an onion article when i first read it. I had to google around and read from multiple sources and even then i had to check to make sure it wasn't april 1st.

  10. You are the complete psychopath if you think he thinks its something other than a piece of techart

  11. Good, hopefully they focus more on the metaverse now instead of Facebook which turned into trash about 7-8 years ago

  12. best Wander feature is the timeline toggle. Not sure if wooorld has this

  13. just use a TV in your Oculus home that mirrors the game window on your PC

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