1. Twice I’ve purchased this game and twice I’ve returned it. Absolutely ridiculous

  2. Hey there, FWIW, I did eventually find a workaround

  3. Thank you - going to return it and try to pick up a copy that isn’t region locked I think.

  4. There was woke nonsense though.

  5. You’re right, Muslim people existing is such woke nonsense!! Take a day off

  6. Tell me, what value did that character or that scene add? Or are you just here for some virtue points like that scene was? I didnt give a damn whether that character was a muslim or not, but i did want a separate scene that wasnt edited out & introduced a new character ... to mean that character meant something to the film. But he didnt, so what other conclusion am i supposed to come to other than typical 2022 ESG pandering?

  7. Realistically you don’t live in the centre of the Northern Quarter and expect suburban noise levels. Appreciate the complainant is probably disturbed by the noise but just think for 30 seconds before you decide to live there and you probably foresee this issue

  8. Carpet beetle. They like to lay eggs in / eat dust so clean up any dust deposits in your place. They also eat fibres so check your clothes, fabrics etc. Not at all as much of an issue as bedbugs would be

  9. What sort of things do you think are contributing to your success?

  10. I wouldn’t call it success, just been enjoying life recently i guess. Being surrounded by good people is the key I think.

  11. That’s funny, this was recommended to me on YouTube earlier. It’s a good listen, he’s a very well spoken and knowledgeable gentleman.

  12. Got my blue about 2 months before covid. Haven’t been back since, posts like this make me feel better about giving it another go

  13. If I’m out and about without my water bottle I’ll go for bottled. More paying for the convenience than the water itself

  14. Depending on where you’re coming from, parking at a tram stop could be more affordable. The line going into Piccadilly isn’t running at the moment but you can walk from market street. Train is the best option I think but depends how regular as they’re often expensive, late and cancelled

  15. This is what happens when you start VdBench, Penaldo and a 18 year old in a prem game

  16. If i was 6 I'd be three years older than you.

  17. I have one in the stretford end for tomorrow available £25. Transfer via membership please

  18. Selling one in the Stretford end for the Sherif game £25. Will do via member transfer

  19. you guys connected to hdmi? in the g9 mine wasnt working until i plugged it into my computer with an hdmi, probably the same thing for G7

  20. I have never been to Manchester, but the online supporters give me the impression that the fan base is consistently toxic in hard times. I feel sorry for the players. Many of them are really talented, but it must be really hard to find confidence when the supporters are this toxic. I can’t imagine how these superstars would perform if the fan base gave them unrelenting and unconditional support in every game, no matter the result.

  21. Online supporters aren’t the match going fan base so I wouldn’t put too much stock in that

  22. Spent my time between 2 and elite last year, currently in 5. Playing with a past and present team so less involved in the meta this time round

  23. Walking past that one at night fuck me it’s like Putin has dropped his bomb on us already

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