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  1. She was three rows ahead. I get that it's a concert, and lots of the crowd stood obviously including me. But even just standing there texting when everyone else is sitting?

  2. Tell her to sit down then? Really not difficult at all man

  3. spot on mate! honestly i'm sick of the "poor us" attitude, we've absolutely steamrollered teams in the past like palace 7-0 and leeds 6-0 yet there won't be a single mention of them "rolling over". city are world class at controlling the game and they make teams look very average

  4. I actually think hendo and keita get into the arsenal, United and spurs midfield.

  5. that doesn't really help though because we should be way above those teams you've named

  6. This happens still in GC? I'm gold and I get mad when my overcommitting teammates do the same.

  7. This place turns to complete shit when things aren't going perfectly

  8. im obviously not happy with the way we've started but with the things I've seen thrown around here, you'd think we'd lost the league already! still time to turn things around

  9. We've been done by a point with 90+ points in the league TWICE recently. That could very well be the 2 points that costs us the title.

  10. It could be, yes. But i'd rather focus on the other 37 games we can get 3 points in rather than the single game that's happened so far

  11. I saw someone sum it up very well on twitter. Can't ever fault his effort on the pitch, he always puts a shift in no matter what. But his technical ability, especially in tight spaces is incredibly poor. Much better as a squad player now, he can make an impact with his intensity off the bench

  12. Arnold need to wake up, early age success gone to his head

  13. You know there's 10 other players who aren't trent, right? Your comments seem to suggest otherwise, you're embarrassing

  14. Lucky to get a point, I'll take that and run. Diabolical performance

  15. not even close cucurella is a mid player

  16. he's not mid, but he certainly isn't worth the price chelsea paid

  17. City had one? I thought it started with Spurs.

  18. Yeah definitely, because it had a clip of Pep shitting himself over our front 3

  19. Ruined them everywhere but the score? In other words, they won. Just like they have the last 2 times we've played them

  20. I'm a beta male for what exactly? Pointing out madrid have beaten us 3 out of the last 4 times and trying to say they'd be scared of us is really silly? Because I don't really see where I'm wrong tbh

  21. Bajcetic is the only youngster that looks ready for first team action.

  22. You think calling someone "a waste of oxygen" is acceptable just because you don't think they're good enough for your club? Are you okay?

  23. Just saw the highlights of last night’s game and it looks like Joe Gomez’s tendency to drop deep and do nothing hasn’t gone away. It’s the only flaw in his game. He has the option of either tracking the runner, block the passing lane or hold the line for an offside trap but chose to do nothing. Let’s hope Klopp fixes it because this isn’t the first time this has happened.

  24. Out of all the problems to pick out you picked out an issue that literally doesn't exist

  25. Holy shit from his comments that's all but confirmed it? Is there a video of him speaking?

  26. I know a couple who are season ticket holders but they can't always attend every game. They've said I can have the tickets so my son (16) and I can attend home games which they can't attend.

  27. Yes you need a membership for each person planning on going. And you'll need to get them to add you to their plan as soon as possible, I believe there's some kind of deadline this year (may be wrong on that detail)

  28. I've just tried to join and noticed it says the following:

  29. No that's just referring to the gift package you receive as a bonus, you should still be fine to register:)

  30. I’ll help you look for it but people don’t think physical objects are considered lost media for some reason I find that to be the most fascinating

  31. I mean...clues in the name. Physical objects aren't "media"

  32. we accepted united bid, its up to player. We are not forcing him out. Just open to sell

  33. wait so you don't think you're forcing him out?🤔

  34. Genuinely think Barca are still paying people and botmakers to defend the image of the club, every Barca thread is swarming with their fans making no sense.

  35. Ridiculous isn't it? In any other industry in the world, trying to get someone to take a massive pay cut would be known as forcing them out their job. Not this though apparently

  36. Not clicking a link from The S*n for ethical reasons...

  37. Let me're a grabber. Grabbing people normally is fine but thus guy was targeting and waiting just to kill that one guy...even If it meant killing himself...that's griefing and clearly listed in the report section.

  38. That's not griefing though, that's just eliminating other players to reduce numbers for the final. They're using a mechanic built into the game to eliminate players in a pvp game

  39. So many people here rightly criticize the Tories but then give a free pass to a racist xenophobe like Paddy Pimblett.

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