[OC] Ski Resorts in North America

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Bernie Sanders brutally attacks grandson after being woken up from a deep slumber.

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  1. When you're so racist you don't like black dogs either

  2. Super Saiyan 4 changed my young life. I was watching Dragon Ball, then went to Dragon Ball Z, and I was playing the games… dad said “do you want to see Super Saiyan 4”? I said yes. I was expecting even more blond hair than super saiyan 3, some insane stuff…

  3. I love how Goku's voice is noticeably different when in SSJ4 versus normal. Added a layer of "THIS is the ultimate Super Saiyan form" idea to the whole thing.

  4. Your Atheism scrolls need to be at least the 5th or 6th revised edition to include the "gay marriage is really bad, believe me" verses.

  5. He’s still a dumbass. He was super careful and then got bored and started taking boys trips to vegas. After one trip, he ended up with the delta variant. He was so sick he lost 20lbs in 2 weeks. He said it was so bad that death was preferable. And then he remained unvaccinated and doing stupid shit. He got omicron as well. It wasn’t as bad as delta, but he still got pretty sick.

  6. Jesus. Some people just don't learn. Does he have long Covid from it?

  7. I love the picture they used. We really need to start portraying these folks with pseudo-mugshots more often.

  8. Why haven't there been any studies on states OTHER than Ohio and Florida?? I'm sure the pattern is roughly the same, but still. I wanna know the picture for the entire country

  9. I know, but I don't think there's crossplay but on ps4 you can stream it

  10. I figured this would just be a dude who looks very similar to bernie, but nope, that's Bernie Sanders.

  11. I would honestly prefer touch screen gimmicks to be gone away with entirely. Of course I wouldn't expect them to do that.

  12. Agreed, but sadly I don't think that's even possible...many gameplay elements rely on those touch screens (POR Sisters mode, OOE Albus mode, etc) to even complete, so those modes wouldn't even be beatable without a way around the touch controls.

  13. I don't think the prospect of transferring the controls is the issue really, like the Playstation controllers have a touch pad, and the switch is touch scree. At worst you could use an analog stick. The reason we probably wont get it isnt because its a brainbuster to adapt, its because it would need adapting at all. They will offer collections if they are completely easy to port over but any real work and it becomes less worth the time. If that makes sense.

  14. I mean sure, I know it would take work. I think if they included the Adventure Rebirth they could make it $30, IMO a fair value. The two collections they've released so far have been immensely popular, so I'm pretty confident it would sell well.

  15. This wasn't the vote on the bill itself. It was just to advance the bill for a vote. We will see what the vote count actually is soon enough.

  16. Jesus...2 boosters AND bivalent booster 3 weeks ago?? I mean, scientifically speaking, you're as protected as you can possibly be lol. You'll be fine in a few days.

  17. Lisa Ann. Not attractive at all, sorry not sorry.

  18. I swear, these people must lack some actual reasoning skills (maybe empathy itself but I think it goes deeper) that LITERALLY prevents them from seeing truths that have been blatantly obvious to the majority of Americans...all because Trump was the personification of all the latent racism, misogynistic, and general lack of critical thinking that makes up a big part of the Republican base.

  19. The gun is still in there...the outer shell is to protect the Driller's hands when he's drilling duhhh

  20. Cue Boebert claiming to stop the count of votes in 3...2...1...

  21. Why didn't you just get the Deluxe ps plus subscription? Only $100 a year for all of these games plus more

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