1. I wish whoever it was might have gotten that view without the panties

  2. A couple of days in the sun and your golden brown

  3. I am glad you got the sun you wanted otherwise I wouldn’t have gotten 2 pictures in one day 😈

  4. Looks to be e of them to wear a different one every day of the month

  5. I would start on your toes and work my way up to the top of your head

  6. I like the athleticism of the pole dance y’all can have the twerking

  7. A small amount of whisky will get you feeling better with a coffee mixed with coke a cola

  8. I see your honey pot which is worth a pot of gold

  9. I’ll suck you hard and you can finish in my ass

  10. Vasectomy’s are not 100 % guaranteed I hope he went back for all the tests to make sure it took

  11. Why is it that we are about the same age and your body looks like it is 30 and mine looks 60

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