1. Pero el Mileys no tiene estructura, es populizta y ez Lokito mejor voto cambiemos, con Larreta esto cambiará.

  2. Milei sabrá mucho de economía pero de política no entiende un carajo. Es uno más del montón.

  3. Chuck in "Better Call Saul" Dolores Umbridge in "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" Mary and Skyler in "Breaking Bad"

  4. Well, they were still designed to be annoying/despicable though I agree with you on your Chuck take. The fact that they managed to be hated/despised actually makes them good actors.

  5. I have scrolled way too far down and still haven't seen it, so here it is: A Serbian Film.

  6. -Tratá de no usar el teléfono en la vía pública, no importa qué tan concurrida esté la calle.

  7. i expected bruxish on every team but it turns out that victini and grapidash are on every team. maybe a lot of people didn’t find a good bruxish during the event?

  8. Bruxish is useless. Yeah, it deals quite some damage with bite, but even victini can beat him in a 1v1 situation. It's too much of a glass cannon. Big nope for me (and also, I didn't get a good one during the event lol).

  9. El otro dia veo un video de autos volcados, fuego en la calle, decia "Oh no, miren como esta Turquia despues del terremoto.. Ah, no, momento, es solo Paris..."

  10. Concha de tu hermana, me cague en el 60

  11. Tenes que ir, comerte la cola en el Correo y hacer el reclamo pertinente. Es un pijazo porque hay un monton de gente siempre, pero lo creas o no, se terminan tomando medidas.

  12. Si fuera contador sería Víctor Hugo contables

  13. Si fuese un tributo a Cerati sería Victor Hugo Totales

  14. It's weird that I'm downvoted, isn't aram a casual mode lol?

  15. So casual that they're planning to implement ARAM rankeds. I report every single teammate that does exactly what you mentioned, and I rejoice when they get punished/banned.

  16. Idk I only play aram with friends couldn't care less if we troll around. Good luck in the ARAM LCS mate.

  17. Thank you mate. Either way, I don't care what you do since we probably aren't even in the same server.

  18. Dance Monkey. That song makes me want to stab someone in the face with a spoon

  19. elephant malzahar: has a costume like chicken galio and does elephant sound when using r and puts his trunk right in front of ulted enemies face. summons voidlings in cute elephant baby costumes

  20. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH I just imagined Malz ulting with the elephant sound

  21. I love how chaotic B2 games can be. 60/29 on the kill count and yet the game lasted 40 minutes. Nice dmg btw

  22. Spend even more time then I already did with my little brother and sister n law before god decided to call them home at such a young age

  23. It might not be "the scariest" but it certainly shocked the hell out of me when I was a kid. We had this case, known as "the cousins in the bathtub" (around 1989) .

  24. Well, since I'd already know the answer to "how to revive a dead person", I would:

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