1. Decimal points. Always check your decimal points.

  2. Yes, to make sure they're not mistakenly commas.

  3. I'm a hobbyist new to machining equipment and this reminds me of one of my aha moments. I had an incident resulting in a jolting snag while milling toward a 90 deg angle from the Y axis in a piece of steel after getting too close. It locked the motor which I quickly shut off.

  4. Nice. Love those Big Bs. I hope your tech knows not to mess with your snaps if you've still got them. I've read horror stories of technicians grinding them off without thinking about it.

  5. Glad to see this posted, for all those "Take it to a tech", for every thing people, under the assumption that you're automatically in good hands by doing so. I've taken a horn in three times, the first was to remove a dent in the neck that dislocated the octave key after a neck strap failure, the second was to actually fix what it was dropped off for to begin with, after the tech twisted the octave key back into place, instead of removing the dent and the third was for a neck recork, which was okay, except I discovered I did a better job on a different horn upon buying the materials and doing it myself.

  6. If it was worth selling I think the original owner would’ve done so. I think you’d get more value learning how to play since you’ve stumbled upon one! Unless this one doesn’t work for some reason, in which case it probably wouldn’t even be worth it to repair.

  7. Unless the original owner is not the one that tossed it in the trash, considering they would know even the cheapest horn has some value to someone if it plays. Some many non horn players have no clue about the value of an instrument they do not play and some careless parent who didn't buy it, or individual may have been performing some Spring cleaning and just tossed it out after noticing it had been sitting unused for some time. If it plays well, a viable serial number is irrelevant. The single, unrevealing picture leaves quite a bit to ponder, but the body looks to be in great shape.

  8. He must have turned to look away after traffic started moving, anticipating what you were going to do and ending up wrong. I saw a young woman do that in a lane next to me, as soon as traffic started moving, she leaned over toward the center of the car as if to pickup something and right at that moment traffic stopped and she didn't. Stuck the nose of her little Saturn SL right up under the back end of an SUV. I know it hurt bc she didn't see it coming and probably slammed her head into the dash.

  9. The camera car driver isn't all that sharp either. That train could have derailed and been on top of that car in a flash. Should have high tailed out of the immediate vicinity immediately.

  10. I didn't listen to the audio, but read some of the comments. If that car has an electric steering gear that is also malfunctioning, it can limit the ability to turn sharply. Some Fords have a problem with their electric steering gear that causes problems with turning radius.

  11. The deer as suffering from chronic wasting disease.

  12. Sounds like rabies without the biting people part.

  13. This is where a good background in physics comes in. Physics courses are an indispensable resource base to help get one past that "knowing just enough to severely injure, or kill one's self" stage. The greater the mass, the greater the momentum.

  14. I think they did a wonderful job, the fence is still intact.

  15. Never heard of it, looks like a Selmer soloist clone but I could be wrong, as far as jazz is concerned I would definitely try bigger openings than c** maybe go for like a 6* or 7*. Contrary to popular belief bigger tip openings aren’t really any harder to play, my 8* 10mfan the boss plays a lot easier than my 7* Otto link NY.

  16. There's a lot missing from that statement. There's a lot more involved with how easily, or difficult a larger tip opening size plays. The facing length and curve have influence here as well. The numerical tip opening sizes are not universal either. A #7, or 8 only represents a range of different actual tip openings that could be present. My 100th anniversary Meyer NY #8 played nicely with a 2.5 reed, but my Dukhoff D8 was a struggle even with a #2.

  17. honestly... Doctors are the roughest. Had a Boston Top surgeon request an invention he thought up. was a simple little thing but wanted it to "spring out" material options were titanium and PET. neither would "spring" in his design and refused to change it. made the fucker 3 of each and never heard from him again. pro bono. = pro boned.

  18. Doctor here, I just purchased my own mill and lathe for lots of ideas I have to save you some trouble. I understand how difficult it can be to convey an idea to a machinist, while at the same time not knowing, or understanding the limitations, so I'll build it first and then you guys can manufacture the finished product. Sorry about the others.

  19. As has already been pointed out, everything "China" is not cheap, or crap, having owned a bargain made in China horn. The horn pictured, however, does not appear to be worth that kind of cash. I don't know where you are "hunting" from to have an idea of what prices should normally run, but check all of your local resources, craigslist, offerup, reverb and ebay for U.S.

  20. Those tourists are not very well cultured in nature. Having seen a rhino in the zoo, I know I wouldn't be on a safari trail with wild ones running around in what looks like a Suzuki Samurai. A baby rhino can turn that thing over. What is that, a 3.5 foot track width, if it runs up on a curb too hard it'll turn over.

  21. At one point that loading ramp area looked like a black top so I can see how the weather conditions could have helped to make this incident possible, along with it not being marked where it would be most helpful. Usually there's a building at the end they drove off of.

  22. Neither, get a chamois cloth cut to size and make your own. It actually works exceptionally well at absorbing moisture. Got the idea form Keilwerth after my Alto arrived with one, haven't used anything else on all of the horns that followed.

  23. Obviously you're a youngster for asking that question. They (louvers) were very popular during the 80s, until tint started to become more available. That very same car was also extremely popular. It was one of if not the fastest domestic cars on the road for a while, sounded great with the factory headers and tuned dual exhaust.

  24. I've always heard five-O thing was a derogatory term referring to the idea that cops are often insecure short guys (5'0"). Very interesting if this is the true origin of the phrase.

  25. You could be correct, all I know is the phrase was rampant right along with the prescence of the car, because the 5.0 Mustang was driven by a lot of cops and were all over the place. This was the only car I could hear in the distance and know what it was, even non auto enthusiasts could recognize the exhaust note it was so well defined and tuned. All of the other V8 cars were a wash. When you heard the 5.0 mustang, there was no mistaking it.

  26. I knew those "I am Tiger Woods" commercials would backfire.

  27. Looks like a suicide, or fraud attempt to me, pull over into a clear lane then make no attempt to accelerate and get ahead in traffic. I can't imagine the driver didn't check the side, or rear view mirror. The distance ahead that the car the driver was previously behind after impact is why it was not hit. The driver pulled into the lane and basically squatted.

  28. You don't need help picking out a saxophone in this manner. You need help gaining access to several horns that can be play tested. Brand means nothing when it comes to this, because there is no guarantee that any given instrument will be perfect for you ergonomically, play character wise, weight wise, and all else that makes a horn feel right. You must play as many as you can get your hands on.

  29. That's a flooded lead/acid battery, standard setting is fine. The reason the AGM batteries are specific is because their design carries a charge rate limit, in order to avoid damaging them. Your typical battery charger may read 12v as the highest setting, but they usually charge at a much higher voltage than that if you test them with a voltmeter. I've measured 16 to nearly 17 volts. That kind of voltage on an AGM will likely cause it to gas and could damage it (speaking from experience).

  30. The driver in the Bentley was doing 85 mph in a 20. He fled the scene but was traced due to his blood on the airbag.

  31. One things for sure, it didn't happen in the U.S.. I know this because he went to jail for 14 months, instead of home with his license and a slap on the wrist.

  32. Video post 10 out of 10, stopping it before the pass and review, -5.

  33. Now that's what I call First Borns inheritance.

  34. If they had mounted the wings closer to the center of gravity it might have touched down upright.

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