1. Free speech doesn’t protect from consequences

  2. Doesn't sound so free to me if there are consequences for it.

  3. this is mildly interesting. get it tf out of here.

  4. Nick is a racist piece of garbage, but can we please stop using Nazi... "Literal" or "actual" Nazis haven't existed since the mid 20th century.

  5. That's just not true. Anyone who follows the same ideologies of Nazis (white people are the superior race and all other races should die etc.) is a Nazi. There is zero doubt that the left never uses this term correctly, and just uses it to describe people who disagree with them. However, Nick actually follows this ideology, and truly hates other races.

  6. I absolutely am against the atrocities committed by Iran. However, kneeling is not a proper changemaker. It's nothing more than virtue signaling, which is something I abhor from both the right and the left. If the teams really cared about human rights violations, they wouldn't attend the games. The fact that they show up and then simply kneel, clearly displays how meaningless their actions are.

  7. I legitimately thought this was a right-wing comic until I saw the source. It's so painfully ironic to compare being called a word that you don't like (even if it's accurate) to being waterboarded.

  8. Qatar an Iran both lost their first games, and if they're both knocked out of the first round, I'm happy with the result of the world cup.

  9. The only thing objectively good about California is the weather. I hate Californians, they ruined California. Signed, ex-Californian.

  10. The beaches were pretty cool too, but now they're overrun by homeless people. Congrats on getting the f*ck out of here. Signed, Californian (unfortunately).

  11. California has some of the most restrictive regulations on business operations, their cost of living is ridiculous because of the stupidly high taxes, and while they claim to be one of the biggest economies in the country, they are also home to one of the highest, if not THE highest population of homeless people in the U.S.

  12. I live in Cali, and what you're saying is actually understating the problem. It's not just homeless people and people doing drugs in the middle of the street. The government actually funds these behaviors, and many cities offers "safe injection sites" to literally encourage drug usage. We've also decriminalized crime. Yes, you read that correctly. Many crimes are legal here, or not prosecuted, including jaywalking, stealing <$950 worth of goods, arson, and even attempted murder.

  13. Sidenote, of course israel has a right to exist but i dont understand why we as a country need to give them so much aid. Like, they’re already a military powerhouse. America needs to fix its issues at home first

  14. As someone who is very pro-Israel, I agree with you. I think we've given them enough aid to ensure they can defend themselves against mutual enemies. I do think there was a time when Israel needed our aid, but they're big boys now.

  15. I agree with this. I also think Marjorie-Taylor Greene should continue to be kept off committees. Let's raise the quality of our discourse.

  16. Republicans don't want to hear this, but it's true. We lost the last election because of candidates like MTG.

  17. Maybe use an actual breaking bad reference lol. Here are some quotes that could be used:

  18. What an amazing movie. It could never be made today thanks to offended snowflakes.

  19. They banned something that wasn’t being taught because they’re stupid. They should be more worried about the lack of critical thinking skills than the invented boogeyman of critical race theory

  20. It is being taught. My brother's middle school hired an organization called "On the Margins" which works to incorporate CRT into the school. Here is a document containing their given resources:

  21. I couldn’t really make out what that was, but I’m curious why a Google search doesn’t bring up any mention of that group or that document at all?

  22. Strange. It's the first result on my page, but that's most likely due to me going to their page many times. Regarding what it is, it's a list of resources from an organization that is clearly putting CRT in schools. They are describing themselves as critical race theorists, and they have been hired by a middle school in my area.

  23. Fuck covid bullshit policies, it’s the fucking flu never was anything different.

  24. The vaccine made me more sick than COVID. I regret having put that in my body, falling hook line and sinker for the media's lies.

  25. Newsom's winning margin was less than DeSantis'. That says something.

  26. All of those things are taken into account. Gender as well. Since they're only looking at applicants at the top of the objective qualification pool, why not build a diverse student population representative of different races, religions, genders, cultures, interests, etc to benefit the experience of all students who attend.

  27. I am hung up on the idea that the students being accepted are less qualified, because that's just a fact. Affirmative action lets in black and brown students with lower test scores and GPAs over students with higher GPAs and test scores who happen to be white or Asian. This has been documented many times. When school admissions are colorblind, white and Asian students do better due to the previously mentioned factors.

  28. I'm not sure where you're getting that idea I guess is my question. Are you aware of an instance where a student who was objectively less qualified being admitted to a university solely based on their race or gender?

  29. It's hard to determine specific cases where certain more qualified applicants are rejected over others, primarily due to the classified nature of certain student information. The primary evidence that suggests that Asian students are being discriminated against is shown when comparing colleges that use race-based admission to colleges that don't. Here is a study comparing similarly competitive schools, some with race considered in admissions, and some without:

  30. Did. . . Did the left just categorize LGBT people as "terrifying clowns that pretty on children?" That's pretty offensive.

  31. It was meant to be ironic, but I forgot that sarcasm doesn't translate well over text.

  32. The funny thing, is that I actually thought he was praising Trump in the first half.

  33. Haha I’m just responding to the other ppl in this thread actually being racist

  34. 100%. Trump being the nominee is probably the only way that Biden gets re-elected.

  35. Trump is the only prominent republican who could lose to Biden right now.

  36. This is one of the truths that I thought was a conspiracy theory. I fell for the media and big pharma hook line and sinker. I got more sick from the vaccine than I did COVID, and regret getting it.

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