1. well to be fair i also go through other comments and threads that have been posted many years back i honestly don’t really care if they posted it a while back or they take a while to reply back i’m pretty patient with that most of the time it just doesn’t really matter to me after all we all have lives to get back to eventually anyway

  2. Fair enough, but I'd like to know your thoughts on the post

  3. Well these only started existing yesterday, so that’s understandable.

  4. Nintendo really couldn’t make these like $80 or a flat $90? You’re better off just buying the damn games used for half the price.

  5. Yeah, but I have a theory they'll give you a voucher if you buy the deluxe editions of their upcoming games. The prices are about the same, so it kind of makes sense in a stupid way.

  6. I don't think there's really a name for that because AI art is really new. I think you would just say 'original painting referenced from AI generated image'.

  7. Well, I feel like that's the best answer we're gonna get for the next year or so, so I'll accept it for now. I'm certain we'll have a better name in the future.

  8. How many Stellas do you think Anya will get for this, I assume each Stella would be awarded to each student for each task they performed.

  9. Alright, how many stars is Anya gonna get? She outperformed everyone when it came to heroics, so it's not impossible for her to get more Stellas than anyone else.

  10. 999 is quite a nice number by itself.

  11. I should've put quotation marks around the word "professional"

  12. I googled it, are you talking about the Witch from the Navajo culture or the movie or Skinwalker Ranch/aliens?

  13. That’ll be $90 per year for Nintendo Switch online Expansion Plus Deluxe™

  14. Not gonna be exact but here's a ranking system of what you look like when wearing the stars:


  16. Thanks, also I'm not a tech guy so I have no idea. I just know I bought a 1tb sd card for my Steam Deck and will eventually buy one for my Switch when I can afford it.

  17. Desclaimer: I stole this Xbox to help support Nintendo

  18. Good, I was planning to call you out on that in these comments if you didn't give that disclaimer.

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